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The Yellow Hos Of Texas

Melrose is next and is apparently not thrown off by her side-leaning pink beret. Richard/Alex notes that Melrose is perfect. Monique then interviews that Melrose thinks she's so perfect, but that she's not. Well, she is according to Richard/Alex!

Monique is next, and tries to "sell it." Melrose interviews that she just tries to avoid Monique. She wishes Monique wasn't there, but she is, and so Melrose (and everyone else in the house) (and the production crew) (and the writers and editors who have access to all of the raw footage) (and us at home) has to deal with it. Monique interviews that Melrose has to be the best all the time, but that Monique is working to get better and prove that she has Top Model potential.

Home. More Tyra Mail! "We all love to be in an expensive designer frock, but tomorrow you'll rock your own line." It's so close to being a rhyming couplet, yet also so far. Meanwhile, Melrose -- wearing a brown beret this time -- gets on the phone and calls her mom. And then who should barge into the phone room but Monique, saying that she called first for the phone. Melrose tells Monique that she'll be off of the phone in twenty minutes. She should tell Monique to fuck off, but that's another story. Monique says that she called for it and shouldn't have to wait, and Melrose does something perfectly awesome by lowering her voice just a little and saying, "See, Mom, this is the girl I was talking about." HA! Monique just stands there like a chump. She turns around and stands in the doorway, attempting to get some sympathy from the other girls, and Melrose just hauls the door closed on her ass. Brooke asks them not to start anything, and interviews that the drama is overwhelming.

When Melrose is finally off the phone, Monique kind of body-checks her en route to the phone booth. Melrose just cackles and walks away. Melrose is wearing a miniskirt made of upholstery. Monique calls her mom and says that she's about to fuck a girl up, and then interviews that she has never despised anyone in her life as much as she despises Melrose. And I'm not really a Melrose enthusiast per se, but I will give Monique that this is probably because no one has ever called Melrose on her shit and then given it right back in the eye. Monique recounts the door slam to Eugena. Eugena interviews that Monique is stressed out and can't control her emotions, and that this whole thing might be too much for her. Monique notes that all the girls are bitches and hos. You can't argue with that logic.

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