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The Yellow Hos Of Texas

Twiggy loves Megg's personality, and Miss J. imitates her signature, "Rock n' roll!" scream. Megg's photo is a little funny in the mouth.

Caridee messed up a lot with the fruit, but she had fun with it, which indicated that she cared. Tyra asks her why she's so connected to a Pollyanna look, and Caridee does some quick hair work before saying, "I smell what you're stepping in." Is this some weird Midwestern saying generated from an overabundance of cow dung? Yikes. Caridee has one eye closed in her photo, but Tyra loves the shot and compares her to Karolina Kurkova. Tyra tells her to balance having fun on the runway with selling the clothes. Of course, this brings us all back to Tyra, who had fun on the runway while still being mindful of the clothes, and thus continued her streak of being the best, once again, as always, and forever.

Monique is next, and Twiggy calls her vacant. The British have trouble recognizing crazy eyes. Monique says that she's really sick and weak, and Nigel tells her to get a better game face. No sympathy! Yes! Tyra tells her that the fashion industry doesn't care if she's sick. You know who else doesn't care? The world. Unless Monique has the bird flu, in which case we should all fear for our lives. Tyra notes that Monique didn't do the photo shoot, which is a big part of the judges' evaluation, but that they'll take into account her previous photos, challenges, overall performance, and potential. Monique tells the panel that she really wants to be there, and that she feels she has the potential to be a top model. In vain! In vain!

Melrose is next and gets raves all around, I'm sure much to the chagrin of Monique.

Nigel calls Brooke a fruit and nut, but says he loves that. Everyone loved her fruit-bowl walk. Brooke's photo, in my opinion, is not the greatest, but she has great wind in her hair.

A.J. had a zen-like fruit-bowl walk, and also, of course, was the challenge winner. Her photo is awesome.

Then there's Anchal, who didn't try very hard on the fruit-bowl thing. Her photo gets mixed reviews, and Nigel says that she's lucky the outfit has such structure that it makes her look good.

And then there's Eugena, who is bad all around. She notes that she slipped and fell on the runway. No one really cares. Twiggy thinks she looks withdrawn and has dead eyes, as usual. Mr. Jay also left word that she was the worst of the day. Oh no!

The judges deliberate. Michelle looks incredible in her photo, but needs to be stronger in person. Jaeda, says Nigel, showed the biggest improvement of the week. Amanda is interesting, but Twiggy says that her "quirky body" needs more work in person. Charlie thinks that Anchal is unique, and notes that there aren't many Indian supermodels. Twiggy says that Anchal was very nervous and then adds in the voice that Sharon Osbourne uses when talking to her dogs that Anchal is "not a happy bunny." The judges are so weird. On A.J., Twiggy says that if someone had told her A.J. was a model just signed to a major agency, she would have believed it. Megg is a mess. Tyra asks why she likes her, and Nigel says it's because she's got "that cuteness" about her. She really does. Despite myself, I kind of like Megg too. Miss J. does the "Rock n' roll!!!" mockery again. The Twig liked what Brooke did in her challenge, and Charlie once again notes the wind in the hair. Keep the wind in the competition, then. Nigel thinks that Melrose really looks like a model, with a strong face and good body language. Eugena sucks, and Nigel says that she's like a dead fish. Tyra likes Caridee's picture, but Charlie notes that she seems like she'd be all over the place. Miss J. thinks she's kookoo.

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