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The Yellow Hos Of Texas

There is Tyra Mail. Someone is going home.

The next morning, an underwear-clad Caridee tells a few of the other girls, none of whom is Monique, that she's glad they came into her life, and that it's great to meet girls who are real. Jaeda says that she doesn't know who's going home. If it was based on yesterday's runway performance, she says, it would probably be Eugena. The girls talk about Monique's situation. Michelle says that, were she as sick as Monique, she would have stayed at the shoot. Melrose says that she'd be puking in a bucket backstage, but would have stayed. Cut to Monique sitting outside, wrapped up in a blanket with a giant sun hat on, reading the Bible. I believe it is Leviticus 5:12 that reads, "Thou shalt wipeth the stain of thy human bits on thine neighbor's comforter." Melrose says, kind of awesomely, "I mean, maybe God's place for Monique just isn't here."Monique has a tear streaming down her face. She says that she's never been sick like this before, and doesn't know what she's going to tell the judges. "But you can't eliminate me! I'm the queen of the throne!" is probably not the best place to start. Commercials.

When we come back, it's time for Panel, featuring a talking Tyra sausage. Seriously, they shrink-wrapped that dress on her. There are prizes, there are judges. Charlie Altuna is the guest judge. For this week's challenge, the girls each have to balance a fruit bowl, full of fruit, on their heads as they walk the runway to the panel. Amanda is no good, and Anchal sucks worse. Megg cracks herself up. Michelle is gangly, as usual. A.J. is pretty good, and Jaeda rocks it. She must have some kind of flat head. Melrose poses it up. Eugena is slow but doesn't drop the bowl. Caridee has to make her bowl into a hat, because the posture and balance just aren't happening. Monique seems to be feeling better, even though the bowl falls. Brooke's bowl falls off her head right away, but she stomps forward nonetheless, saying, "You make it work!" The Twig laughs.

Evaluations. Jaeda is first. Tyra doesn't think Jaeda's pose is working, but Twiggy says that she wants the outfit, so the shot works for her. Tyra just hates Jaeda.

Amanda was no good with the fruit bowl, but her runway photo shot is great.

The judges think Michelle didn't care about the fruit-bowl challenge. Perhaps this is why I relate to her so much. Her photo is f-i-e-r-c-e, but Twiggy notes that she is ungainly in person, to the point of making Twiggy a little uncomfortable. Gangly people always give me the willies, too.

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