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The girls get their evaluations. Tyra likes Victoria's new look, but says she can be a little more relaxed when styling it. Victoria pulls out her pocket dictionary to look up the word "relaxed." Miss J. points out Victoria's wrinkly neck in her cactus photo, and Nigel says she looks a bit too posed. Twiggy, this week's M.O.T.O. (Master Of The Obvious), says that it's interesting that Victoria was given a cactus, which is quite prickly. Victoria totally interrupts and says, "Can we get one thing straight? I don't have a prickly disposition." OH! She did not just say, "Can we get one thing straight?" to Twiggy! Twiggy is all, "AU CONTRAIRE Prickles Prickles Prickly." Miss J. says that he felt a prick, and not for the first time. Victoria says that she's not a quiet mouse, which has nothing to do with anything. Nigel tells her to try to take feedback with a little charm, and Tyra hits it on the head when she says that Victoria confuses showing personality with abrasiveness. Her people skills are pretty sketchy. Also, I would LOVE to see her try that little maneuver with Janice.

Sarah is next, and Nigel loves her ivy shot. Twiggy says that her face is gorgeous, and she looks like she's part of the plant. Normally not a compliment, but in this context it works. Tyra says that Sarah became ivy. Lisa has a lot less hair, and Tyra says that if she survives, she'd love to see it straightened out. If she survives? Look at Tyra injecting a sinister element! Nigel thinks her shot is beautiful and modelesque, and Twiggy and Tyra love her face. However, Tyra says this is only one of two good shots, and that it wasn't Lisa's strongest shoot overall. She tells Lisa to mix it up a little.

Saleisha roller-skates up to the front of the room, and Tyra says she looks so much more like a model. In her tulip photo, however, she loses her eyes and neck. How could she not lose her eyes with that bowl cut? Tyra says her film was disappointing, and her new high-fashion look isn't translating to her photos. Jenah is next with her atrocious hair. Tyra says that they'll have to balance out the weave. Seriously, she looks like an albino dustmop. Twiggy loves her moss photo, and Tyra commends her for taking risks in her film. And then Lionel Deluy brings it on. He says that when she's signed, and he knows she's going to be signed, he'll use her. And then, lucky Jenah will get to see Lionel's acid-washed denim vest again. Hooray!

Janet is next. Janet, as they say, is not a model. Her photo is good, though. Twiggy is blown away by Janet this week, and Nigel says she's one of the biggest improvements they've seen in a very long time. Tyra, ever the contrarian, says that she saw all of Janet's film and didn't like it. She's probably just holding a grudge because Janet burned her crack during the last ass wax. Ambreal is next, and Tyra tells her she looks too corporate. Ambreal unbuttons her jacket, and all is fixed. Nigel says her photo is beautiful, and that she remembered that roses have thorns. Well, I'd hope so, as she has thorns drawn all over her. Tyra tells Ambreal that in her film her body language was great, but her eyes were dead. And in the rose photo, one actually looks a little lazy.

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