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Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Miss J. loves Heather's subtly changed hair. She looks a little like Punky Brewster. Janet likes her new black hair, even though it might be a little Liza Minnelli. Ambreal, a cool character as always, is happy to be back to really short hair. Her face is so striking; I think she could rock pretty much any hairstyle. Jenah gets her crazy long blonde hair. She says her new look isn't as edgy as she is, but she'll get used to it. It looks really good in her photo, but I think that's because it's been Photoshopped to death.

Meanwhile, drama! Bianca's hair, much like the rest of her, is stank. It's so damaged from so much processing that they can't give her the extensions they wanted to. Bianca says she's confused about what's going on. She doesn't know what they're doing to her, and she feels left out. High fashion ass-whoopin', take one. Lisa, meanwhile, says that she looks like a poodle. She does. Her hair looks terrible. She holds it all together and says that she's glad for a fresh look. When you've been in foster care for six years and have seen every kind of hurt, I guess a bad haircut really doesn't go that deep. Ebony tells us that the braiding of her hair hurt, but in the end, she's happy with her weave, and it's free. Well, so is the free clinic, but that doesn't necessarily mean you want to visit. And then, back to Bianca. Jay tells her that her hair is so damaged that they need to start fresh. So they're cutting all her hair right the hell off! Oh, karma. I mean, Bianca amuses me to no end, but this is a big ball of stank coming right back to her from the universe. Ken has some medical wigs that he's going to give them, and Bianca can wear those for photo shoots. Bianca tears up and is obviously upset. The stank you do comes back to you. Someone should put that on a bumper sticker. She is so sad, that even Saleisha feels bad for her. Bianca says that she feels defeated as we head to commercials.

When we return, there's more makeover action. Bianca gets a temporary Ed Grimley 'do and continues to cry. Miss J. yells that Dr. Teardroplets needs a box of Kleenex. Don't ask for what. Bianca ends up with, like, a quarter inch of hair. But it looks awesome! To rub it in her face, Chantal runs her hands through her even-more-flowing locks, which she loves. Bianca wonders how she's supposed to build her confidence after she was in the bottom two and now has no hair. I didn't realize that confidence was a problem. They put the wig on Bianca's head, and she says she feels like she's a drag queen. Not for the first time, one might imagine. But the bald head looks so good! It really makes her face look about 100 times better, but she doesn't realize this yet. ["Seriously, I was surprised they didn't immediately declare that the wigs were forgotten, because she looked great without hair." -- Miss Alli]

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