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The Girl Who Gets Thrown In The Pool

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The Girl Wholahay
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Previously: Renee continued to irritate people. Sarah's controversial challenge win gave her an edge in the testosterone-laden photo shoot, but Whitney and Diana struggled. In the end, Diana got her sent home, just 'cause. Eight girls remain! They all want to be on top, na na na na na na.

We enter with the girls in their huge-ass limo, reflecting upon the loss of Diana. Whitney interviews that Diana was her best friend in the house, and that she was hit hard by her demise. She says she knows that Diana wants her to beat the rest of the skinny bitches, and prove that she's a threat. Well, in that case, I really think Whitney might want to start being a better model.

Back at the house, there is Tyra Mail. "Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Love, Tyra." For some reason, this clue causes Jael to jokingly attack Sarah, and Jaslene kind of gets in on the action. The whole thing would be a lot more exciting if they were naked. Cut to Renee, who just shakes her head. She confessionalizes, while wearing a scarf around her head, that the other girls are driving her insane. Jael just talks and talks and talks, she says, and doesn't know when to shut up. Hm, that sounds familiar. On Sarah, Renee says, "That bitch does not deserve to be here." Well that's quite an ambiguous statement for someone who's usually so direct. We flash back to last week, when Sarah won the challenge somewhat under false pretenses, since she actually didn't do the work she was praised for. Sarah then tells us how helpful her prize was. Being able to look at her first set of photos with Jay Manuel and then doing the shoot all over again helped her to stay in the competition.

The next day. the girls go to Tantra restaurant. They sit down in front of a big sign that reads "Lesley Hornby." Dionne says she doesn't know who that is. I don't either, though I would venture that at least someone in her seventh-grade class called her "Lesby Horny." And then, out walks Twiggy in a jacket and a big tie. If she had big shoes and a red nose, she'd look exactly like a sad clown. Sarah says that she's standing within ten feet of Twiggy, which is cool, because Twiggy is one of her idols. Twiggy tells the girls that when she was fifteen, one of her friends nicknamed her "Twiggy" because she had such skinny legs. She says that a wonderful photographer named Barry Lategan, whose legend we've heard extolled before, took some test shots of her, and during that session, the friend was there and happened to call her "Twiggy." Barry told Twiggy that if she ever became a model for real, that would be a great name. And the rest is fashion history.

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