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Brittany is next. Kelly says that Brittany is a pretty girl in front of her, but looks ghostlike and kind of blah in the photo. Rob disagrees, though, and says that it's a mesmerizing, amazing shot. Tyra also loves it, and says that she looks like a character from a live action Disney movie. Well, that much is true. They didn't do the branding exercise this year that we saw, but Brittany doesn't seem to care. She's defining her own brand, which is of course already a brand. Bryanboy is really impressed by Brittany, as are the voting fans. Brittany is this week's rising star. Except in the eyes of Kelly, who gives Brittany a 6. Rob and Tyra, however, give her a 9 and a 10 respectively, and Brittany is thrilled.

Her thrill quickly evaporates, however, when the judges see Laura's photo. The picture is very strong, and Rob says that she's like a sponge who absorbs everything they tell her. Tyra simply says that the photo is crazy. It's ugly pretty, and pretty ugly, and all around fantastic. Laura's got crazy angles, which confuses the eye, which is a good thing. Bryanboy reports that everyone online was wowed by the photo, and Kelly says that as professionals, Laura's photo represents everything that everyone wants. E.g., it will make lots of people money. Laura gets 10s across the board, which I think is a first. And Brittany will doubtlessly find no comfort in the fact that second place is the first loser.

Eight beautiful ladies stand before Tyra, but there are only seven photos in her hands. And those photos represent the girls who are still in the running toward becoming America's Next Top Model. The girl who is called first is, duh, Laura. With a fan vote of 7.16 and nearly perfect scores on everything else, she has a total score of 46.2. Brittany is the runner up, with a total score of 39.1 and a fan vote of 6.07. Allyssa is called next, with a fan vote of 5.69 and a total of 35.7. Kiara is called next, with a fan vote of 4.82 and a total of 32.8. Then there's Nastasia, with a fan vote of 5.84 and a total score of 31.8. Wait, did they call Kristin? I mean, they must have but now I've deleted the episode. In any case, she makes it to another week.

This of course leaves Victoria and Yvonne in the bottom two. The judges feel like Victoria has lost her fire. She has a quirky, interesting thing, but is trying to water it down to appeal to the masses. Um, have they seen her calls home to mom? And then there is Yvonne. She's a strong, amazing model with a body that won't quit. However, her anger shows in her photos, and that held her back this week. Yvonne looks like she wants to rip off Tyra's arm and beat her over the head with it. That actually gives points in her favor, in my opinion. But obviously no one can let Victoria go home until we have squeezed every last drop of crazy out of her for our amusement! She stays, with a fan vote of 4.8 and a total score of 31.7. With a fan vote of 4.48 and a total score of 30.5, Yvonne is out.

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