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Next is Kristin. The overall verdict is that her face is pretty good, but the body is crapola. To add insult to insult, Kristin's online scores are going down, which Bryanboy says proves that no one is safe. Kristin gets a 7 from Kelly, a 6 from Rob, and an 8 from Tyra, who obviously is manipulating the scoring at every turn. Next is Nastasia. She has run into the same problem with her short-looking body, according to Kelly, who also thinks that her face looks sad. Tyra thinks that Nastasia looks beautiful but short, and tells her to figure out how to pull and gain a few inches. The online fans don't seem to care about the short factor, though, and love Nastasia. Bryanboy thinks that she's the one to watch. Nastasia gets a 7 from Kelly, a 5 from Rob, and a 9 from Tyra.

Then there's Yvonne. Kelly doesn't think it's working from head to toe, and also does not enjoy Yvonne's face in the shot. Rob says that she could be doing much more, and Bryanboy tells her that though people loved her at first, that love is dissipating like so many stank remarks shouted into the wind. He does of course bring up what happened at the shoot, and Yvonne says that she felt attacked and immediately responded. Afterward, she realized that she had made a mistake and apologized, just so she could have this moment where she told the judges that she apologized. And she wasn't even smart enough to think up this scheme herself! Truly, she deserves to go home. Tyra, however, thinks that the apology was admirable. She does remind Yvonne that as a model, she is hired to perform, be pleasant, and swallow it no matter how rude someone is to her. She adds that the photo shows a stunning model with an attitude problem. Yvonne gets a 7 from Rob, a 5 from Kelly, and a 6 from Tyra.

Next we have Allyssa. Whoooooo? And speaking of owls, I don't think I have to tell you that Groovy is rocking a smize in every shot, and working the 270 degree neck. Rob says that the awkwardness of Allyssa's face matches the awkwardness of her leg angle. I can't tell if he thinks that's bad or good, but Kelly really likes the silhouette and says that Allyssa is a twisted Pippi Longstocking. Bryanboy tells Allyssa that social media is finding her average this week, which causes a tear to roll down her face. She looks so sad and downtrodden, I feel like something happened that we didn't see. I mean, her scores are fine. Tyra, who wishes that they could plop Kristin's head on Allyssa's body, gives her an 8. Rob gives her a 7, and Kelly gives her an 8.

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