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And then there's stank Yvonne. About midway through the shoot, Johnny notes that her skirt is a bit cumbersome and is making Yvonne look short. They stop shooting and tell Yvonne that they're going to change her skirt. She gives a sarcastic, "Awesome!" and tells us that she doesn't understand why they didn't just change her right away when they first saw her. And then she sticks out her tongue! Bryanboy is not feeling the attitude, and tells her that everyone there is working really hard. "With the exception of Bryanboy," I would add. Yvonne cuts him off to tell him that she gets his point -- he thought it was rude. As Bryanboy yells, "What WAS that?" we head to commercials.

When we return, Yvonne is still being stank and Bryanboy is still telling her off. Now Yvonne thinks that Bryanboy is the one being rude, and she assures us that she's not going to take it. Yvonne yells an angry apology to everyone, assuring them that it was nothing personal. Bryanboy asks how she would feel if this were a real client, and she gets more and more irritated. But on the surface she assures everyone that she's quite happy to be there and her tongue-sticking-outing was not a personal attack on anyone. The right hook that she serves to Bryanboy's face will, however, be a personal attack on Bryanboy. Bryanboy tells us, quite sensibly, that you can't complain in front of anyone, especially in the fashion industry where every girl is disposable. Like Pampers, all. Victoria tells us that Yvonne has become more and more negative throughout the competition, and it's going to hold her back. After the change in skirt, Johnny tells Yvonne to snap out of it, because her annoyance is coming through on camera. I feel like Groovy should peck her on the temple once just for good measure.

Finally, there's Victoria. Johnny asks her how she feels, which is a mistake. Victoria tells him that she's come up with a backstory. And oh what a backstory it is! It involves a boyfriend who is the head of a traveling animal circus. Steampunk Victoria, an animal rights activist, is upset at how some of the animals are being treated. Also, he cheats on her and so she kills him and sets the animals free. And this shoot is Victoria and Groovy, standing there triumphant and rocking it. In the words of Mike Ruiz, "That is some serious backstory." Her shoot seems to go okay, though Kristin tells us that Victoria got too into her character, which she always does, because she has no concept of how to be a regular human.

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