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Things that Make You Go Pwn

Victoria of course breaks down in sobs, and even Yvonne has to chuckle at her a little. Once it seems certain that Victoria is not going to pass out or otherwise have an episode, Tyra tells Yvonne that she's mad at her. Yvonne is stunning and beautiful and has a great figure, and Tyra says that she needs to be a competitor in the race to return to the show. Yvonne says that her argument with Bryanboy kind of messed up her photo shoot. She's not blaming him, except that she kind of is. Yvonne knows that she has an anger issue and an attitude problem, but says that Bryanboy isn't writing her any checks and was rude. I mean, she's not wrong. They never should have given him a seat with the other judges - now he is drunk with power! Though Yvonne didn't really seem like she was feeling the whole modeling thing, she's sad and is going to try to do well in the competition between the eliminated girls.

Next week: road trip! The girls have to face some mighty winds. And Victoria has problems, including a possible eating disorder! As if you needed to add that to the mix.

Potes wonders if pwning and steampunk are things she already should have known about. Tell her if she should stop watching reruns of Golden Girls long enough to try and figure it out by tweeting @traciepotes or emailing

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