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Previously: Challenges, judges' scores, social media, blah blah blah. Tyra tried to rock a scraggly wig. And Leila went home because she was too obsessed with Laura. Or something.

We enter with the girls returning home to see Nastasia's best of week haute cheerleader photo displayed as digital art. Nastasia tells us that Leila's elimination was a wake-up call to everyone, since she was a favorite. Now the fact that anybody can be eliminated at any time is widely understood. Kiara gets to share the Tyra Suite with Nastasia, which is completely uncontroversial. After last week's drama, this is quite a relief for everyone, and especially the viewing audience.

Laura, meanwhile, is over living and working and constantly being around a whole bunch of other girls. Especially ones who tell her that she's self-obsessed! Her focus now is on winning everything. I mean, I suppose that's a good strategy. And then there's Brittany, who is still in shock after being in the bottom two at panel. She thought she was a goner, as we all did, but managed to claw her Disney self back into the competition. As she notes, this was no thanks to her social media scores. In fact, Leila had about a 1.5 point advantage in the fan vote category. To make matters worse, Bryanboy noted aloud that Leila was his favorite girl and shook his head, thus making Brittany feel like he was the evil queen to her Snow White. For some reason this also pisses off Yvonne. Basically, she just likes to be mad, I think. Brittany realizes that she needs to do a 180 to stay in the competition, and feels so passionately about it that she says H-E-double-hockey-sticks. Escandalo! Is that how Sleeping Beauty talks? Kristin, of course, is thrilled that Leila is gone. She wants all the competitors out, and is happy that she won't have to worry about Leila (unless of course she comes back based on fan votes, which I think is a distinct possibility).

Yvonne tells us that being in this competition involves getting up early and staying up really late and having long days and being really tired a whole bunch. Ugh, it's SO much more tedious than being a social worker, I bet. She's over it, and calls her friend Brandon to tell him so. Victoria, a keen observer of humans, notes that Yvonne's head doesn't seem to be in the game. Yvonne tells Brandon that the girls are treated like products rather than people. If she's upset by this after a few weeks of modeling for a reality show, she should probably just go back to school and get that degree in modern dance or whatever it is that she does.

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