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Previously on Top Model: We learned that Alexandra was the eliminated model with the highest social media score, and thus would be returning to the competition. She fell to the ground in happy tears, and the other eliminated models expressed great distress. But then Tyra announced that one of the male models would be coming back as well, because the public is so hankering for an extended season of America's Next Model Cycle 20. Will it be Phil, the rugged wildcard? Sexy ice cream man Mike? Or Jeremy, the bodylicious virgin? And I mean, everyone who knows Jeremy is now going to call him a bodylicious virgin constantly, right? This show ruins lives, my own included.

We open with Mike, Jeremy and Phil standing before Tyra, all looking like they want to throw up. Tyra first reveals the model who has the lowest social media score and is not in the running. It's Mike, with a lowly 5.2. And he gave up his job on an ice cream truck for this! So then it's time to learn which dude gets to come back. And I was sure that this whole thing was designed to get Phil back into the competition because, you know, he's Phil. But nay! Phil had a social media score of 5.5, but Jeremy thoroughly trounces him with a score of 6.7. Cory is surprised and yet not surprised, because there are a lot of folks out there who get excited when Jeremy takes off his shirt. Tyra hugs Phil, who says he's okay with it all. He tells us that he has a lot of sad thoughts and words aren't working right now. At least he doesn't throw any bricks. So now he gets to go home to his girlfriend, who hopefully is VERY understanding.

Tyra congratulates the remaining NINE models, telling them that there's no more coming back so they better work. On the bus, Alexandra celebrates and Cory gives her a big hug. She tells us that her heart is beating a million miles a minute, but in a happy way this time (SPOILER ALERT). Jeremy tells the others that he had no doubt he'd be coming back, and Jourdan gives an eye roll. In the first place, one person coming back was enough. Two is excessive! And if she doesn't get to go to Bali she's going to be pissed. Even if she does get to go to Bali, I'm guessing she'll find a way to be pissed. Chris's best of week photo is displayed as digital art back at the house, and we are reminded that his mom told him every day that he was a failure. Wouldn't it be great if all the negligent parents of these contestants had to come and get a dressing down from Tyra in the panel room?

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