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Lisa is next, and despite the fact that Jay said she was one of the best of the day, her photo gets a lackluster reception. Tyson calls it "modeling 101." Tyra thinks that the risks Lisa is taking are still a little too obvious, and so she needs to stretch a little farther. Bianca's recycled-oil shot gets pretty positive comments, though Miss J. tells her she needs to bend her arm a little bit more. Nigel points out how great her face looks. We get a close up and oy, is she a dead ringer for Pigford. How have I not noticed this before?

Sarah is up next. Twiggy says that she doesn't look very high-fashion in person, but her best shot for the week is a good, high fashion photograph. Tyra loves the energy and the curl of Sarah's mouth and tells her it's well done. Nigel notes that Sarah seems to have lost quite a bit of weight since the beginning of the competition. Sarah says she hasn't, but we see a side-by-side of then and now, and either she's shed a few pounds or her haircut is very slimming to the neck. Ebony is next as bubble wrap, and the judges immediately make noises of discontent as they point out the lip snarl on her hideous face. Tyra says that when she edits Ebony's film, she does it around the snarl. Ebony gives a disheartened "Yeah," and she looks like she's going to cry. Jay passed on that Ebony came to set completely uninspired and seemed to be intimidated by authority figures. Tyra tells Ebony that if someone is hard on you and scolding you, it's because they know you have potential and want it to ignite. Or, they want you to have a breakdown in front of millions of viewers, because the majority of people find that really, really amusing. She adds that critique can be difficult, but its purpose is to make you better. Or to make you break down in front of millions of viewers, because the majority of people find that really, really amusing.

Chantal is next. Tyson doesn't like the fact that her hair is covering half of her face, but Nigel thinks it's a really great shot. Tyra says it's a money picture. Chantal's film overall wasn't great, but she saw this picture and thought it was fantastic. Heather's aluminum cans shot gets raves from the judges, even though it looks like she's missing a chunk on the left side of her jaw. I mean, she still looks kind of pretty, albeit in a warped, asymmetrical, lockjaw kind of way. I think it's a bad Photoshop job, as Heather doesn't appear to have a piece of her jaw missing when she stands in front of the panel. When will the girl in the photo and the girl in front of them match up? I ask that question every week.

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