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Reuse, Renew, Reject

Tyra Mail! "Some models never wear the same outfit twice, but until you reach the top, you'll have to recycle your's []. Love, Tyra." We haven't gotten many close-ups of the Tyra Mail this season, so I feel like this is some editor's revenge. Jenah immediately assumes that they'll be wearing trash, and Saleisha agrees, noting that their whole house is based on recycling. That, and everything that has happened on this show since Cycle 3.

Meanwhile, the girls make chicken fingers and pizza and all go hang out in the closet. For a slumber party. Of sorts. Because, you know, it's really cold in the rest of the house. And the closet is a nice place to be. And where else do you play pepperoni-fingered seven minutes in heaven? Everyone's having a great time until Ebony brings up elimination. Ambreal says how crushed she'd be if she went home, and then Ebony surprises everyone by saying that she actually wants to go home and doesn't think modeling is for her. Everyone acts like she just told them she got herpes in her eye on purpose. She interviews that she misses her family and is really homesick, and wants to go back to regular life, where she can just be Rudy, Denise, Vanessa and Theo's mom. Bianca, meanwhile, has been working on the art of keeping her eyes squinted but wide. Sometimes I think Tyra really is just trying to see if it's possible to blow a fuse in one's brain.

Heather returns home around 1:00 AM, still glowing, and tells the other girls about her day. Saleisha tells her that she loves Carol's Daughter, so anything that Heather doesn't want, she'll take. Don't get so eager to take Heather's sloppy seconds quite yet, Tootonia. Bianca says that Heather is her biggest competition, because she doesn't have to do much to have her face come out well on camera. Bianca doesn't get it and ends with a frustrated "She baffles me," as we head to commercials.

When we return, the girls meet up with Jay, who tells them that this week's shoot is a high-fashion editorial about recycling. And no, they're not going to have to sport any of Janice Dickinson's old implants or faces. Rather, each will represent a different recyclable material. Fredric Reshew is the photographer. As the girls get made up, Bianca tells us that photos are what keep you in the competition, so she's going to take what she's learned and heard and use it.

Heather, who again looks more gorgeous than ever, is aluminum cans. She's nervous because of the whole profile issue, and Christian gives her the simple yet awesome advice, "Just face the camera." Jay's like, "Why didn't I think of that?" Heather poses in front of a wall of aluminum cans. I am dying to know if those were actually recycled after this shoot. Heather does a great job, and Jay says he thinks the judges will be shocked to find that she can do a photo with her face straight to the camera. Chantal is next as shredded paper. I personally wouldn't want to steal Chantal's identity, but some poor soul out there might. She seems to do a pretty good job. Sarah is next as garbage bags. Do...I mean...wouldn't you not recycle garbage bags by virtue of the fact that they're holding your non-recyclable trash? These people have no idea, do they? Sarah is pleased to be compared to the talking trash heap from Fraggle Rock.

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