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After Ebony scrambles out, Tyra tells Ambreal that she got a free pass. She says a lot of people might be shocked, but it's a beautiful situation, because the competition is about giving a chance to people who really want it, and she knows that Ambreal really wants it. Tyra tells her to prove the judges wrong, and as she hugs her quietly, she says, "It was meant to be." Oh my God, like fate doesn't have better things to do. Well, all of Ambreal's prayers have been answered, at least until next week. She cries with happiness as Tyra looks more smug than ever.

As she's packing up her stuff, Ebony says that she wants to tell Tyra she's sorry for wasting her time. She wants to go back to her family and be regular happy old Ebony. She thought she wanted to be a model, but this show proved her wrong. All she wants, she says, is to be happy, and she wasn't happy on the show. She just doesn't want to feel like that anymore. I do think there's some truth to the fact that Ebony can't take criticism, but I also think that it's totally fair for her to want to remove herself from a situation that's obviously become really damaging to her self-confidence. We see a few seconds from Ebony's audition tape, and I guess we're supposed to ruminate on how she fooled everyone -- and most especially Tyra -- into thinking that she really wanted this. However, I am too distracted by the fact that she is wearing the Phylicia Rashad dress to comprehend any of that. Maybe Ebony can be recycled into What Not to Wear?

Next week: Music videos and tragedy. It's like the chocolate and peanut butter of the entertainment world.

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