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Kiara is up net, and gets a big smile when Tyra notes that she won the challenge this week. Her photo is interesting, given that she's not looking at the camera at all and also appears to be wading in a purple ocean. Rob likes the photo, saying that it's not too sexy, shows a killer side profile, and looks like she's lost in thought rather than modeling. He adds that her body looks relaxed and not overly athletic. She nailed it. Kelly, who is a real crank this week, thinks that it's more wishing well than dream come true, and also like she's trying to summon a magical green mermaid. She wants to see more of what Kiara has gone through in her life expressed in her eyes. Bryanboy thinks that Kiara looks amazing, and social media fans agree. He adds that she seemed to have doubts in herself at the shoot. Kiara quickly corrects him, saying that she didn't have doubts, but just really wanted to do well. She adds that the shoot was very emotional due to what it symbolized for her -- her dreams coming true by winning America's Next Top Model. This is the girl who's stated that she's willing to kill somebody to win, after all. Her hand is in the water because she's trying to find the switchblade that she dropped. Tyra says that Kiara's soft, romantic, vulnerable look shocked the hell out of her in a really good way. Kiara gets a 9 from Rob and a 7 from Kelly, which causes Bryanboy and Rob to call her a hater. Kelly then threatens to rip the soccer mom wig off of Bryanboy's head, which makes him cross himself. I'd try garlic or a wooden stake. Tyra gives Kiara an 8. She says she would have given her a 9, but she's not sure if the shot actually makes a good ad.

Nastasia is next, and has to admit that she totally blanked on her lines in the challenge. You know, scary horses and all. Bryanboy thinks that Nastasia totally represented what this shoot was all about in her photo, but some viewers disagreed with him and had issues with her face. A viewer named David likes the wonder in her eyes, but says that the picture didn't blow him away. Kelly likes it, however, probably because Nastasia looks the least trampy of them all. It's a commercial campaign, she says, and so it's a good thing that Nastasia looks commercial. It's aspirational, her face is forward, and it has a glow. She actually gives Nastasia a round of applause for not being a big hobag. Rob isn't so crazy about the shot, though, and says that it's too cutesy and childish, and that Nastasia fell flat. Tyra makes me feel very old by saying that America's Next Top Model's advertising audience is 18-34. This ad may be appropriate for Kelly's daughter, but sadly for Nastasia the fragrance is not for ten year olds. It's for teen girls who want to look and smell like hookers.

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