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Kiara shoots her Dream Come True ad, and Johnny says that she really got comfortable and was able to convey a subtle sort of happiness. Laura notes that Kiara has stepped up her game, and actually names her as the biggest competition in the home stretch of the show. Kiara really has won a lot of challenges, which proves that she's good at something. Laura is next, and says that she's dreamed since she was a little girl of being America's Next Top Model, but has always had a lot of insecurities. Some of those include her big feet and her height, and she worried quite a bit before coming into the competition about feeling awkward and gawky around all the other girls. Of course, though, Laura has a killer body. But in sad news, the way her hair and makeup is done makes her look like a total porn star. Seriously, she looks like Coco T. Jez directs her to be sensual rather than too sexy, but she's still a little too "suntan girl calendar" for Ben Bennett's taste. He tells her that what she's doing is beautiful for a sexy, sensual fragrance, but that's not what Dream Come True is. So stop looking like a ho! Kiara says that Laura should stop being so self-conscious about her body, because when you're a model you need to own it. Leila notes with some glee that Laura is getting nervous, and you can tell that the stress is getting to her. Johnny adds an additional voice to the choir, saying that Laura should be nervous because she didn't nail the shoot. Ben Bennett tells Laura directly that there will probably be many gorgeous shots of her, but they're probably not gorgeous shots for HIM. Laura chews on her fingers in fear, and that's a wrap!

Back at the house, there is Tyra Mail of Doom. Someone is going to get the big ole boot back to the continental U.S. Laura is making herself sick with the possibility of being sent home, and is frustrated that no one has had the decency to build her a time machine so she can go back two hours and get a better picture. Leila is not so confident either, but says that she's trying to keep calm and carry on. She doesn't want to be eliminated for a second time. The sudden Nastasia religious narrative continues as she tells us that she prays every night for God to help her become America's Next Top Model. If it doesn't happen she'll assume that it's not in God's plan, but also wish that God didn't have a plan that was so personally devastating. Kiara is the only one who feels pretty good going into panel, but says that this is like the fourth quarter in a basketball game -- it's not time for anyone to mess up. It's time to prove that you deserve to be there, and either win or go home. Kiara asks us to wish her luck. I don't think that's in God's plan, either.

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