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The girls meet Johnny on the beach, and he confirms that they'll be shooting the official ad campaign for the Dream Come True fragrance. The winner of the entire show will have her photograph used in a Dream Come True campaign. Top Model favorite Jez Smith is the photographer for the day. He notes that this is a real client (kind of), and a real advertising job (kind of), and he wants nothing less than perfection (kind of). Hair and makeup happens, and then Jez introduces Ben Bennett, who is the founder and creative director of Hatch Beauty, the company that is eager to assault your olfactory senses with Dream Come True. Ben says that his expectations are high, and Kiara notes that he's there to do business and business only, and if you don't do business in turn, you fail.

Nastasia is up first, and asks Ben exactly what he's looking for. He says that he wants her to keep a youthfulness and energy in the eyes, and seem like she's telling a story about a dream coming true. Nastasia holds a giant bottle of perfume, but Ben says that she's losing her joy. We learn that Nastasia applied to ten different schools and got scholarships to all of them, but she's willing to throw that away to hold a giant perfume bottle on a Jamaican beach. And, hmmm. When I put it that way, it really does sound like a good decision, doesn't it? Jez tells us that Nastasia fit the environment perfectly, and has a gorgeous face. However, he's not sure that they got a magic shot.

Leila is up next, and knows that she has to have a killer shoot to offset her low challenge scores. Laura points out that Leila is nervous because this shoot has a more commercial bent to it, and she is not a commercial model. However, the problem seems to be less that Leila looks high fashion, and more that she looks plain old sad. Jez and Johnny try to get her to smize, but she's so nervous that she can't let loose and relax. Leila admits that she let everything get to her, and got her head in it too much. She's having a feeling similar to that when she got eliminated, and so is scared. Eventually, though, Leila warms up a little bit and calms herself down. She imagines being America's Next Top Model, which kicks her right into dream come true mode. Jez tells us that he got some good shots of Leila, but she has to learn not to let her nerves get the better of her, and perform on command.

And then Bryanboy shows up. He asks Kiara what's going on in her head, and she tells him how important this competition is to her. She had a really tough early life, as we know, and this is her dream come true. Kiara starts crying as she says that she hasn't had any support form her mom, and nothing in her life has ever gone right. What about the basketball scholarship? That seems like a whole lot of right. Kiara is, at the heart of things, quite torn up about her mom, who has never come to a single one of her basketball games, or ever cooked a meal for her. Nothing was handed to her (LAURA) and she's had to fight for everything that she's accomplished. She's been through some stuff, and feels like she finally deserves for something good to come her way. I don't know that I'd argue that a rough life entitles you to win a competitive reality show, but I do think that it would be nice to see Kiara get all that scholarship money she's racked up during the challenges. Laura points out that no one else who happened to have functional relationships with their parents deserves to win this competition any less, and also don't hate her because she's rich and beautiful and stuff.

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