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Finally, there's Kiara. She's also nervous about being on the horse, but can take solace in how fly she looks in her bikini. She starts her dialogue just fine, but then gets a little freaked out by the horse and starts dropping f-bombs everywhere. The horse does not approve of this language and takes off at a bit of a trot. Rob also is not a fan of all the cursing, and tells us that she'd be in trouble if this were live TV. Kiara tries to calm herself, and despite the horse still being in a bad mood, she does a really fine job on her second take.

Rob and Yendi gather the girls up to give them their critiques. They quickly say that two girls were clearly at the top of the pack -- Laura and Kiara. They both got in a lot of facts about Jamaica, and also managed not to totally be thrown from a horse. The competition was tight, but in the end Kiara wins! She'll be the face of a worldwide campaign for the Jamaica Tourist Board, which seems like something that she's well-suited for. Laura is irritated at Kiara's happiness at winning the challenge, which she says is disrespectful toward the other girls. Since when has anybody on this show been respectful about anything, ever? Even the "Respeito" lecture was not respectful! Don't make me write it in your brownies! Kiara continues to celebrate, as Laura pouts and refuses to congratulate her. It's pretty hilarious. Kiara is hoping to twist the nail in even further by getting the best photo of the week as well.

Back at the house we see the challenge scores. Kiara is at the high end with a 9, while Laura gets an 8 and Nastasia and Leila both get 6s. Leila and Nastasia are concerned about their low scores, and Nastasia's plan is to pray on it. Kiara seems to have fully transferred to team Leila, as she gives her comfort about the fact that her social media scores will likely trump Nastasia's and tells her not to put negative vibes out into the world. And then the two have a really intimate-looking doggie-style hug on the bed in the Tyra Suite, while still in their bikinis. And really, what Top Model needs to revive itself is some more bi-curious shenanigans. Fingers crossed for Cycle 20!

And then it's time for Tyra mail featuring P'Trique. He's a one-season only thing, right? Bryanboy, too? Now, Rob I would take on an extended contract. It becomes clear that the girls will be doing their shoot for the Dream Come True fragrance, and there are in fact bottles of the fragrance there for them to enjoy. Huge thanks to reader Daniel who wrote me to point out someone -- it seems to be Leila but also could be Nastasia -- sniffing the bottle and saying, "Imma have to get used to this smell." Seriously, the greatest. Kiara is very into her own personal narrative, and tells us that this shoot means so much to her because of all that she's been through, and what it stands for, and what she went through to get to this point. To be the face of Dream Come True means a lot to her. Nastasia is concerned that she's on the chopping block, but she reads her Bible and hopes that a divine intervention will help her make up the three points that she's behind after the challenge.

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