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The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes

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Don't You Mean, "The Girl Whose Thighs Were Twenty-Nine Inches Around"?

Jay says that this is the one and only time he will dress like a woman " illustrate a point." Ha! Because you know he dresses like a woman for fun (or to pick up the straight dudes) all the time. Also? Like he was that manly to begin with. And he really does make an ugly drag queen, even in the context of ugliness that defines a small-town drag queen. Jay says that this shoot is about the power of transformation. The girls will be doing two shots dressed up as two extremely opposite personas. The photos will be combined into a composite, and the girls' challenge is to make it seem like the two alter egos are interacting. There is an example using drag queen Jay and regular Jay, and it's hard to tell which is the queeniest. All of the shots will be against the backdrop of a bright red Ford Mustang. Wow. First Lee Jeans and now Ford Mustang. Cutting edge of fashion, indeed. Jay says, "The Mustang represents sexuality, grit, toughness, and it's unmistakably Mustang." The Mustang is unmistakably Mustang. Did you hear that? "And it's a cultural icon, like myself." Oh, shut up, Jay. The photographer for the shoot is Davide (pronounced "Dah-vee-day"), who has shot "all over this world," according to Captain Articulate.

The girls go into hair, makeup, and wardrobe. We have Danilo, "wardrobe artist" Michele Onofrio, and makeup artist Mathu Anderson, all of whom work off of cool-looking sketches (that I'm sure weren't designed by Jay, because they're cool) to create extreme looks. Amanda's new look involves a black stocking being placed over her head. No, I am serious. Also...ha! Norelle interviews that each girl did two shots, one that was their "regular day-person" and one who was an alter ago. Norelle is an elegant looking '40s-style woman and an Amazon warrior. Oooh, Norelle! Jay says that the Amazonian runs counter to Norelle's regular Kewpie-doll look. Ann's torso is outfitted in paint. And that's it. Ann really has a great body. Even Davide agrees. She interviews that she needs a good picture to avoid being sent home. Jay tells her that her motion and intent were amazing. She gives a kind of "rock on" hand sign that Miss J. mocks. Her other persona is a '40s-inspired "snotty rich girl" with a fox (Empress Minnie!) wrapped around her neck. So it seems that with a lot of these personas that one is retro and one is scary or futuristic. Nicole is a sassy '50s lady and a...yeah, I don't know what the hell her alter ego is supposed to be. An S&M mannequin, maybe? Eva Golden Delicious is butch / femme, and looking really hot on the butch side.

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