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The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes

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Don't You Mean, "The Girl Whose Thighs Were Twenty-Nine Inches Around"?

Serious music. Norelle talks to her mom on the phone, and tells her that she's not doing well. We see a photo of Norelle and her bespectacled, tattooed mom. Her mom says, "You're doing the best that you can." Norelle says that's not good enough, and that she's been giving her all, but still can't get it right. Her mom says, "Remember, it's up to you to see the beauty in you...I want you to start doing this too, I want you to put your arms around yourself and hug yourself." Norelle says that she might not be good enough now, but that she'll be good enough some day. Norelle's mom says, "You're good enough now." I love Norelle's mom! I hope she gets to come on the show. Norelle seems to appreciate her awesome mom.

The girls go for dinner at an Australian restaurant called The Sunburnt Cow. Kangaroo is on the menu. Cassie orders a Diet Coke with lime, and interviews that this has been the hardest week for her. She tells the other girls how Marc Bouwer measured her thighs, and that she felt singled out. Nicole says that Cassie has a lot going on behind closed doors and seems very emotional and unsure. Norelle tells the other girls that, whether the judges can see it or not, she's come a long way. She interviews that she might come off as a little goofy, but that she is dead serious about the competition. Back at the restaurant, the girls squeal about Norelle's booty in her short short skirt. Norelle gives a little butt jiggle and smiles. Ann interviews that there must have been something in their kangaroo, because when they left the restaurant, they were totally loopy. All except for Yaya, who is too mature to be loopy. In the van with Eva, Ann, and Amanda, someone says, "It's so weird when two girls kiss." No it's not. It's hot. I actually think that line was spoken by Eva, who should totally know better. Oh well. Then we hear yells of "Kiss her! Do it!" Ann interviews that Norelle is the most innocent girl you've ever met. In the van, Norelle leans in and gives Ann a peck on the lips. And it's Ann who turns away and starts laughing. I actually think if she hadn't, Norelle would have been there longer, because then she totally goes back for seconds. But again, just a peck. Ann interviews that everyone thought it was funny, because Norelle is busting out of her shell.

Back at the apartment, Ann tells Yaya that she and the three others who were in her van are all getting into the Jacuzzi together naked. Yaya says, "We are having a party in our lounge...So how about you have your party and we'll have ours?" in a way that indicates that she would never voluntarily share bathwater with them. She tells Nicole that they are out of control. Amanda interviews that the girls got into the hot tub together, which was fun and nice and "brings out your bad side." The girls, who are in bikinis and not naked at all, squeal and splash and covertly rub each others' thighs under the water. Ann laughs and rests her forehead on Norelle's back. Meanwhile, Yaya, Toccara, and Nicole are all dressed up and toast with, like, a glass of cognac. They toast, "To all that [sic] have left, and to those who will remain." I'm sorry, but the hot tub party -- while not quite living up to viewer expectations of hotness -- looks like so much more fun.

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