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The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes

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Don't You Mean, "The Girl Whose Thighs Were Twenty-Nine Inches Around"?

It is night. The girls are tired. They are at their last visit with greasy-haired prick Marc Bouwer, who loves taking himself seriously more than anything. He kind of hovers over the girls, giving them direction as they walk and scoffing at their blunders. He says that Toccara is a movie star. To Amanda he says, "Okay, let's try to walk without tripping this time," and purses his lips. He loves Ann and says she's runway-ready. He also likes Yaya's confidence. He tells Cassie, "I think your thighs are a little big for this dress. I'm going to have you walk in it with the zipper open." He interviews that his biggest concern with Cassie was the size of her hips. He then actually whips out a tape measure and says, "I just want to measure your thighs just to see where you're at." 35" around is the size that he likes. Cassie thinks she's right at that. Wrong! Cassie is 39". And, like many a viewer, this totally blew my mind and made me bust out my tape measure. And seriously, I'm 5'9" and kind of have the body of an emaciated thirteen-year-old boy, and apparently even my thighs are too big for a Marc Bouwer dress. Marc Bouwer may just be exalting the industry standard, but I still hate him. And this incident totally shows the cause and effect of why Cassie starves herself.

Marc Bouwer is the one to announce the winner of the competition. He goes from lowest to highest: Norelle - 170; Nicole - 178.5; Toccara - 181; Cassie - 184; Eva - 188.5; Amanda - 188.5. Yaya has 211, and Ann has 207.5. Yaya is the winner. She gets to choose one friend to share in her rack of clothes from the designers, and selects Nicole. In any case, Yaya and Ann really blew away the rest of the girls. On the ride home, Norelle says that she gave her all today, but that it wasn't good enough. In the midst of heated competition, she doesn't have the luxury of sucking and being at the bottom. Being last makes her wonder why she is there. She feels like a joke. Eva tells her to stand up tall, and Amanda offers, "Obstacles are nothing but things to step off of." Or bump your walking stick into, as it were.

Back at the apartment, we see that Yaya's prize is actually one rack in total of well-spaced clothes. There's not that much stuff. Yaya reads her cards from the various designers. The other girls look on with envy. Toccara says that she is happy for Yaya, but is getting nervous because you don't see many big girls in high fashion. Please. You don't see a lot of size sixes in high fashion. Yaya prances around in front of the mirror, doing a variety of dancer-like turns. Shut up. Toccara says that she feels a lot of pressure, because she's there with a bunch of thin girls and doesn't know how to compete with that. As she says this, we see a shot of Nicole's kind of jiggly, big-looking thigh. Interesting. Commercials.

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