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The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes

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Don't You Mean, "The Girl Whose Thighs Were Twenty-Nine Inches Around"?

Ann says that in go-sees she knows that she has to give off the impression that she is someone with whom the designers would want to work. As opposed to the correct impression, which is that she is a psychotic closet case. Ann introduces herself to Nicole Miller, who compliments her on her shirt. Nicole says that they're looking for someone with a "young, peppy" look. They're going to outfit Ann and see how she walks. The other girls follow one by one. Nicole asks Yaya how she got her unusual name. Yaya says, "It's actually really common in West Africa." There's been lots of forum debate about whether Yaya is being a snooty asshat here, but I actually think that she's just answering the question. She does not, however, mention that her first name is actually Camara, so feel free to go back to hating her now. Toccara says that Nicole Miller's clothes are great, that they fit her, and that she feels "very wonderful" in them. Norelle interviews that she doesn't think she's the most beautiful girl there, and that she's still the "funny, retarded, dorky girl." She hopes that the designers see some sort of potential in her. At this, Nicole gives Norelle a big "No, no," and tells her to walk more assertively.

Amanda interviews that she wanted to slap herself (Do it! Do it!) when she realized that all the other girls had high heels with them and she had none. Eva says to her, "You of all people forget your shoes." Hee! Maybe they're in the drawer with her crystals. Norelle loaned Amanda her shoes but, Amanda says, they were 1.5 sizes too small, so she had a weird, uneven walk. And oh my god, I just paused on Amanda in her interview, and with her hair pulled back she totally looks like a latter-day Dee Snider of Twisted Sister (when he started rocking the weird mullet). She interviews that she needed to do something to increase her confidence. Ann interviews that Amanda needed to go buy herself some shoes, and that everyone else wanted to go, because who doesn't love shoe shopping? Eva, Ann, Toccara, and Cassie all go with her. Which, if it was just a Saturday afternoon, fine. But they're kind of in the middle of working. I cut them no slack. Cassie interviews that they had fifteen minutes before their next go-see. I'm sorry, but they are so dumb.

Yaya interviews that, since they are in the midst of a competition, not all of the girls were "running around." Yaya, Nicole, and Norelle went straight to their Nanette Lepore go-see. Yaya says, "I understand if one person needs to get a pair of shoes, but the fact that it turned into a field trip...I was not happy with." And I totally agree with what she's saying, but, as is so often the case, the way in which she says it is just so irritating. Ann interviews that they had fifteen minutes, and that she thinks they were there "a little longer." This is, in fact, true, because they come out of the store and their van is gone. Ha! Suckers. I'm sure this was totally planned, but I love it nonetheless. The best part of it all is that they don't know where their next go-see is. I'm sorry, but they have a car -- in New York City -- to chauffer them to their next appointment and they not only blow their ride but also have no idea where they're going next? Oh, tiny brains! The girls go back up into Nicole Miller's office, where they harass the staff. They are totally in a panic and not acting cool at all. While Ann manages to get an address from a receptionist, Eva is checking with another woman in a small office who says, "Am I supposed to help you?" Eva yells, "Please!" Meanwhile, the others want to leave, but Ann refuses to leave without Eva. They are causing quite a stir. The girls collect Eva and run down the street. Poor Nicole Miller and her staff. Commercials. And Toccara is once again the Cover Girl of the Week. I'm just saying that the people have spoken, and they love Toccara. ["She even carried all the swing states!" -- Wing Chun]

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