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The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes

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Don't You Mean, "The Girl Whose Thighs Were Twenty-Nine Inches Around"?

Previously on America's Next Top Model: Cassie had an "obsession with her body" (e.g. bulimia), and Norelle struggled on the runway, going so far as to fall in a Heatherette fashion show. Kelle stank up her photos for the umpteenth consecutive time, and was booted as a result. Eight girls remain!

New York, New York! The city that never shuts up! While Eva, Norelle, and Ann jump around on their beds and giggle in the Pink Positive room, Cassie does leg lifts in her underwear. She interviews that she's not having fun, and that her "heart is hurting" because she's sad and misses her family and her boyfriend. I'll tell you what I don't miss: dating men. Here's why. Cassie talks to her boyfriend, C.J., on the phone and tells him that if she wins the competition she'll have to move to New York, and that a budding model has no time for a boyfriend because she's working all the time. C.J. says, "You gotta do what you gotta do." Cassie asks if C.J. would come with her. "Am I going to come with you?" C.J. asks incredulously. "I'm not just going to pick up and leave." Cassie says that she doesn't want to let C.J. go. Cassie? Let him go. He's a douche.

Cut to Toccara and Yaya. Toccara seriously has a seven-course meal -- including a whole rotisserie chicken -- beside her bed. Yes, I said "a whole rotisserie chicken." Yaya says that Toccara will get sick if she leaves her food out like that. Toccara says that she does it all the time, because she might want to have a snack in the middle of the night. Her mom apparently eats in her sleep all the time, and to illustrate this point, Toccara feigns sleep and tries to take a bite out of her book (and one can only imagine that the title of her book is Food: And the Various Ways to Eat It). I am all for Toccara, but keeping a stockpile of food beside your bed -- including things, like an entire chicken, that should be refrigerated -- is just gross. Toccara says that she loves herself and her shape. People may say that America is not "ready" (and here she appears to make finger quotes and then give a little two-finger sign off) for a plus-size supermodel, but Toccara wants to break that mold. As Janice would, and actually, I think, has said, "Well, she's going to break something, that's for sure."

In the kitchen, Toccara eats some more. Chomp, chomp, chomp. She says that she doesn't want to stay in her category, but wants to break through and model in "straight" sizes. I can see why she doesn't want to be marginalized, since these are the sizes that can legally marry. Norelle interviews that she wishes she were more like Toccara, because Toccara is fabulous and has confidence in herself. Norelle then points out a roll on her own belly, which is seriously, like, skin. She says she's more flabby than ab-by. Toccara takes another bite of ice cream and rolls her eyes. I have to say that I think it would be kind of fun to be the plus-sizer in a house of models. You could just eat all the time while the skinny girls looked at you and salivated.

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