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Previously: Social media mania! Do YOU trust you to judge even the least relevant of reality shows? And when are we going to see a fan video submitted by Janice Dickinson?

We enter with the models heading home to see Victoria's best-of-week photo displayed as digital art. She is really impressed that all the fans out there were willing to vote for someone with a different background and heritage. And yes, she means that she has "the Jewish" and "the Native American." Like a one-woman melting pot, that one! Always boiling over! Liberty University's newfound emphasis on cultural competence is clearly working! Victoria tells the other girls that when Tyra called her name, all she could think about was her mom. Allyssa looks at her like she's a crazy dingbat, and then interviews that Victoria is attached to her mom's [beep]. WHAT COULD THAT BEEP BE? I mean, one of two things, really. Technically three. Now, to continue to be attached to her mother's [beep] in private, Victoria totally would have chosen her mom to share the Tyra Suite with her. Since she's not there, however, Victoria is one. Cold as ice! As Victoria starts to dig through the clothes and shoes and makeup in the Tyra Suite, Kiara tells us that she's unsurprised about Victoria's solo trip there, given the fact that she is balls-to-the-wall socially retarded. Go to real school, says Kiara, and you too can get the normalizing social skills that Victoria lacks!

Back in the kitchen, Leila fears that Victoria will make the rest of the models scrub the floor with toothbrushes or something. Or maybe she will make them braid her hair until they have repetitive stress injuries, all the while regaling them with stories about the Yahtzee tournaments she and her mom would have as part of her home school statistics class. Apparently the person in the Tyra Suite is also called the "president," which is something the whole crew must have thought better of in postproduction since we've heard nothing about it until now. We are reminded that Darian was sent home last week, which is sad because she was one of the girls who yelled a lot and stuff. Yvonne is happy that it's Darian who's gone, though, because this means she was spared and will live on for another week. She is grateful for the fans out there who pulled her through by the narrowest of margins, which is technically like one fan, and says that she's going to try her best to redeem herself this week.

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