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Tyra welcomes the ladies to Le Room De La Elimination Du France (man, I really have learned a lot this week!). The judges sit in their usual places -- man, the amount of dry ice it must have taken to pack Janice up for that international flight -- including this week's guest judge, Marilyn Gauthier. Why? Elyse is up first for her individual evaluation, and Emma sits nearby reading the reactions to Elyse's Go Sees: "Nice, open, friendly." They show Elyse her photo from the shoot, which she deems "awkward," because it is. Janice yells at her that she shouldn't put herself down, but Tyra thanks Elyse for her honesty. Shannon similarly made it all four of her Go Sees, though she was described as "too obvious." Tyra explains that that means that she's "too pretty." Tyra's favorite book is The Book of Lies! Janice reminds her that she needs to have "the edge," which Janice knows something about herself, seeing as she looks like the pointiest thing going since Helen Hunt entered a dart competition.

Adrianne has never been on a subway in her life, and tries to use that as an excuse for only making it to three of her Go Sees. Tyra gives a little speechy-speech about lateness, and lateness in the professional realm is literally, I think, my biggest pet peeve ever, so I'm with her here all the way. Good thing they followed through on it and dinged Adrianne right out of the competition, eh? I say, eh? We learn that the feedback from Adrianne's Go Sees was, "Styling bad. Would look better in jeans." Adrianne goes back to her "but I'm a tomboy" excuse, and Tyra makes her pull her bangs back with her headband, which elicits a "Good call, Tyra!" from Janice, thus displaying the reason she was able to get back on this show for its triumphant second season. Adrianne's photo shoot was "semi-porn" according to Janice, and Baby Phat thinks something bad, but really she's no prize either.

Kesse also only made it to three Go Sees, saying that she "lost track of time." We learn that the clients thought that Kesse had a "great smile, nice skin, but not right for fashion." I think her skin was so nice because it was a skin care store she got sucked into while asking for directions. Too bad she didn't buy some damn fashion. Janice doesn't love the photograph and bemoans that her neck and her face were hidden. Then Janice makes an erection joke and rather than think about Janice, Brad Pinkert, and erections, I think I'd rather recant most of my previous statements and just go back to musing as to whether or not Elyse's cooch smells. Sorry, Elyse.

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