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And...montage! Boxes of girls reading maps! Elyse looking at a map and looking for help. She hits her first Go See just as Robin hands her list of Go Sees to a Frenchman and tells him, "I have money. I'm gonna give you some money at the end! That's how we do it in America." Go, capitalism! Shannon hits a Go See and starts to explain that she did a little modeling in high school, but the woman she is meeting with shushes her, which is kind of hilarious. Kesse asks for directions, but the person asks her to come in and look around his store first. Adrianne crashes a subway without playing. Elyse makes it to her next Go See. Kesse thinks she'll try the Go See biz out after all. Elyse walks at a Go See. A woman checks out Robin's portfolio. Adrianne stands looking clueless. Just then, according to her: "This man walked up to me on the street and brushed my leg like there was something on my knee. So I thought, oh, there might have been something on my knee. Then he proceeded to try to shove his hand up my skirt, toward my crotch." In front of about a hundred camera crews. In broad daylight. On a busy street in Paris. In front of about a hundred camera crews. ["Where doe that dude think he is, Italy?" -- Wing Chun] And I'm not saying he didn't do it. I'm watching him do it. But I'm just saying that something might have intervened, like Adrianne's own hand smacking it away with her typical tough-as-nails demeanor kicking in, with an additional swift kick to any area on this man capable of making him think he could do that to a women in broad daylight on a busy street in Paris in front of about a hundred camera crews. But instead...tears. "So I was really upset," Adrianne continues. "I mean, I was right there by the agency. But I couldn't even go in." And, not that I lack sympathy or anything, but...that's it? The title of this episode might as well have been, "The Girl Meets A Guy Who Liked Boogie Nights," as that is thus far a more significant development in the action of this episode. Shannon, meanwhile, made it to all of the agencies because she wasn't knee molested.

Robin parts ways with her new boyfriend, giving him one million francs (Euros?) or love before taking off. ["My sister recognized the bill as €10. That's less than $20 USD. Robin sucks." -- Wing Chun] Everyone convenes back in a room much fancier than their hotel, and Shannon reads the Tyra Mail: "Welcome to your final Go See: a meeting with the judges. Please wait here until further notice." Pained staring commences, as Kesse tells us that no matter who gets booted, it's going to be "shocking." Robin tells us that she doesn't get nervous because her religion teaches otherwise. No, she actually says that. Adrianne announces to Elyse, "You better to pretend to miss me if I leave. I'll pretend to miss you." That scene was filled with so much filler no one will be hungry for weeks. Especially Elyse. But it's because she has an eating disorder.

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