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Previously on America's Next Top Model: Toccara was big and beautiful. The judges really hated Kelle. To the disgust of all, Jennipher wrote "ANTM" on her butt, but it was jowly and insecure "Kristi" who got the boot. Ten girls remain!

Waldorf Astoria! Apparently reconciled after their blow-out last week, Jennipher and Eva talk. Eva says, "Girl, I wouldn't have advised you to do that, you should have asked me before you went." And, of course, we all know that she's talking about The Great Booty Debacle of 2004, in which she wrote "ANTM" on her butt and brought about the scorn of all the judges. I totally bet that Jennipher asked Amanda her opinion on pulling such a stunt, and Amanda was like, "That's a GREAT idea! WORK! IT!" Which puts my Eva vs. Amanda scorecard at Eva: three million to Amanda: negative five. Shut up, Amanda. Jennipher interviews that she was trying to joke around, but that her joke clearly fell flatter than Cassie's chest. Eva tells Jennipher that Tyra is a classy lady (albeit a microphone-licking, lingerie-shilling one) and does not like that type of stuff. She interviews that even Janice didn't like it, and if Janice doesn't like something, "it ain't good." Word, Eva. And seriously, if the woman who disclosed the gargantuan size of Liam Neeson's appendage to the world thinks that you're tacky, it might be time to settle in and do some thinking. Ann does squats in her ugly pink tube top dress from last week's judging, which the girls are all inexplicably still wearing. She interviews that she hasn't been doing well in the competition thus far, but that Tyra and Nigel really liked her photo last week, so things might be turning in her favor.

The Statute of Liberty leads us to daybreak. Kelle says that she hasn't gotten this far in the competition because of her amazing photographs, because all of her photos have been awful. So it must be her winning personality, or her ability to walk in heels, or her fiercely competitive edge that's keeping her there, right? She is trying to keep in mind that photographing well is something that can come with practice. She looks totally downtrodden.

Toccara, sporting a shower cap, talks to her "daddy" on the phone. She tells him that her mama has been making her mad lately, and that the other day in a phone conversation, her mother said that she was depressed and didn't want to talk about it. Toccara interviews that she's proud of who she is and where she came from. She had to be tough all of her life because her mom and dad "had problems." She had to take on a maternal role and look after herself. She's kicking life's problems in the butt, what. Tyra mail comes and reads, "Pretzels aren't the only things that are twisted." And we all know that this can mean only one thing: an encounter with Janice!

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