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The girls then head to their photo shoot, which is in a giant room full of taxidermied animals! One is a jackalope, which Laura calls a rabbit she has never even seen before. And she's a small town girl, from a town so very small that it's rife with animals that don't even exist! Johnny Wujek greets the girls, wearing a SMIZE hat. I'm sure that's in his contract. He introduces Shenae Grimes from 90210. It turns out that she's been taking photos for a few years now, which is close enough to a real photographer for the 19th cycle of this show. The theme of the shoot is taxidermied heads on a plaque, and so the girls will have to stick their heads through a hole in the wall (made to look like an animal-head mounting plaque) and not be able to use their bodies at all. Shenae tells them to really work the eyes.

The girls head into hair and makeup, and we get to see Victoria interacting with Johnny and Shenae. Johnny confirms for us that Victoria is a staunch character, and never stops talking. We see Shenae politely and hilariously listening, with just the slightest bit of grimace pulling down the corners of her mouth. Victoria is first to shoot, and Johnny tells us that she has a really unique style and very exaggerated features. He loves her weirdness, and thinks that she'll go far. Yvonne is next, and blinks a whole lot. The head through the hole position does look relatively uncomfortable. Nastasia is next, and though her initial scream seems to surprise Johnny, he says that she's a little firework who gave tons of looks and took direction well. Brittany growls, which Kristin thinks isn't pretty but Johnny likes. Kristin is next, and she asks Johnny to help her out when her face is sweating and she has no arms available with which to dab it (because...head in a hole). Johnny sort of blots her with his t-shirt, which I think is above and beyond. He tells us that Kristin's attitude is kind of cool, but when working with clients she has to be respectful and know where she is.

Laura is up next, emphasizing that despite her dad's starring role on Dynasty, she's just a small town girl and is used to dead animal heads from the ole' huntin' lodge. That's whar grampa would sit drinkin' moonshine from a jar and playin' the ole' banjer. To her credit, Laura does look quite pretty as a wall hanging. Next we have Jessie, and Shenae tells her to capture people with her eyes and focus on striking and not sexy. Jessie is already nervous from her poor showing in the challenge, and is hoping for a good photo. She says that, since her best feature is apparently her ass, it would be great to just stick her butt in the taxidermy hole. Alas, the cheeks stay out of the frame. Jessie struggles, and Johnny's tale of how Gisele made a barely perceptible hiss through her teeth during a photo shoot does not seem to be the tip she needs to succeed. Brittany likes Jessie a bunch, but is afraid that her poor showing might send her home.

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