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Nastasia is next, and though her photo is really weird Tyra loves it. Rob thinks that it would have been a better photo overall if her mouth weren't hanging open. Kelly gives her a 7, while Rob and Tyra both give her 8s. Finally, there's Destiny. Her photo is just boring, according to Rob, even though she's a cool girl with a lot of personality. Tyra doesn't see a model in the picture, and the fans online agree. Kelly says that Destiny has a beautiful face, but it remains to be seen if she can be a model. She gives her a 6. Rob gives her a 5, and Tyra gives a 6 as well.

After a break, Tyra reads the complete scores, including the social media scores. Leila has the highest score, with a 40.4, and is called first. She also gets the key to the Tyra Suite. Victoria looks so despondent about this, I can't even tell you. Nastasia is called next, with a score of 36.6, followed by Brittany (36.3), Laura (36.0), Kristin (34.7), Kiara (34.3), Yvonne (33.8), Allyssa (32.1), Victoria (31.2), Darian (28.9), and Maria (28.1). I will note that although Tyra says the social media score can make or break a model, everyone seems to be within a one point range, and I don't think anyone went much above a 6 or below a 4. So, in practice, I don't think it counts for all that much.

In any case, Destiny and Jessie are in the bottom two. Destiny's photo was pretty bad, but I still think that Jessie was robbed! Tyra says that both girls are different and not cookie-cutter, but both of their photos are so plain. And since this is the first week, they haven't yet learned how to work their angles. Someone must go home. Both of their photos flash on a giant screen, with numbers flipping by on the bottom. In the end, Destiny gets a 26.9 while Jessie scores a 22.4. I am sad to see Jessie go, but also take comfort in the fact that she will actually have a real job one day. Tyra tells Jessie that she is an architect, but can also have a modeling career if she wants. A tearful Jessie tells us that she just started modeling, and it's not the end but rather the beginning. She's appreciative of the fan votes, and tells us that she won't give up. I hope not -- she seems truly delightful.

Next week: The girls actually get to CHOOSE whether they want a makeover! Maria's answer is a firm no, which makes people question her Harvard degree. And Victoria does the best impression of Kiara and Darian fighting. My personal social media score for her is always a 10!

Potes thanks America's Next Top Model in advance for totally ruining her Friday nights. She can be tweeted @traciepotes or emailed at

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