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Dionne is next, and Tyra says that she has a great haircut and clothes that look "beyond mall." I think that she might be wearing Ugg Boots. The horror. Tyra has her strip down to jeans and a tank top. She says that she looks a lot better, except for the fact that she's wearing highwater pants. Come on, now, Dionne. Even dentists can look fashion. Dionne has great long, lean, body language, according to Nigel, and Twiggy commends her for being one of the only girls who got the "fun" side of the concept.

Diana is next. Nigel says that her face is beautiful, but that he's not crazy about the long shot. Tyra notes that Diana's pose -- which involves standing on one leg -- is really hard because she has no center of gravity. She needs to push her booty out and suck her stomach in. Ms. J. suggests doing a count-off with the photographer. Neeko says that he thinks Diana is still uncomfortable with herself. Tyra asks Diana why she thinks she's so introverted in this competition, and Diana kind of stupidly says, "Aw, I don't know." Tyra suggests some self-reflection. Or at least she could make something up and cry. God, they never get any smarter.

Then there is Sarah. The judges love her photo. Nigel says that, finally, she's brought it, and Twiggy says that it's brilliant. Nigel says that Sarah shines straight through all of her makeup, and that her eyes connect. Tyra tells the other girls -- and especially Renee -- to look at Sarah's eyes in her photo to see how it's done.

Jaslene is next. Twiggy says again that the camera loves her, and Nigel says that Jaslene's photo is the most comfortable out of the whole bunch. However, in person, she doesn't look like a model. Twiggy says that the photograph and Jaslene don't always go together. That is awfully true. Tyra says that when she goes home at night, she remembers Jael and certain other girls, but she doesn't remember Jaslene. Oh, enough with the no-personality bit. Jaslene says that, back at home, she's a real cha-cha, and Tyra says that that's beautiful, and that culture is beautiful. For example, Tyra gets all hoochie when she's talking about photos, and that's her culture. In other words, be a stereotype and people will find you entertaining and like you more.

The judges deliberate. Jael's situation is tragic, but this week's picture is the best they've seen of her. The camera doesn't love Natasha as much as the judges love her in person, and Tyra doesn't know if she has time to figure it all out. Probably not, considering the amount of figuring that girl has to do. Whitney is a pretty girl but not model-pretty, according to Nigel. Neeko sees her singing in the choir rather than being a model. Tyra says that Whitney is fierce as Tyra herself is, and that the rest of the judges are just hating. Dionne is starting to separate herself from the pack and is one to watch, according to Nigel. Jaslene is picture-perfect week after week, but her personality is not there. Twiggy says that she comes to life in a photograph, but disappears in person. Sarah's eyes in her photo are amazing. Twiggy quite likes Renee's photograph, and thinks it's very edgy. Neeko says that Renee had very flirty eyes with him. Nigel says that she had flirty eyes with him, and Tyra says that Renee had flirty eyes with her. Renee's eyes apparently alternate between being flirty and emanating death rays. Cassandra has a beautiful personality, but Twiggy doesn't think she knows what to do in front of a camera. Nigel doesn't see model potential. Brittany's photo is awesome. Miss J. says that she's always on the verge of model tear-droplets. Diana is one of the prettier girls, according to Nigel, but could be a lot sexier and use her curves. Neeko says that Felicia probably watches a lot of music videos, and that's what she's become. Ms. J. yells at the absent Felicia to watch America's Next Top Model, and Tyra adds not to watch America's Next Top Hip Hop Booty Shakin' Star. Hey, I want to recap that.

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