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Previously: the girls went back to Skank High for a prom-themed fashion show. They also had to pose as class clichés, and Samantha was too good a girl to convincingly go bad, and got sent home. Eleven girls remain!

We open with Diana and Whitney sitting outside and discussing how they don't want to be "the fat girls." Because if they did, they'd have gone on that Mo'Nique show. Diana interviews that it's difficult to be plus-sized in this competition, but that she is grateful to have Whitney to talk to. Not only are they both plus-sized models, but they click. And apparently one thing they enjoy talking about is how to pose to make their bodies look good. Diana notes that it's not aesthetically appealing to have rolls showing everywhere. Unless they are cinnamon rolls. Mmm. Writing about the plus-sized girls always makes me hungry.

Meanwhile, Cassandra and Jaslene are talking. Jaslene tells Cassandra that she's only down when she starts thinking about her family. Or, I might add, when she looks in the mirror. Jaslene confessionalizes that Cassandra helps her to find inner peace. What about her outer piece? I guess that's on prominent enough display. Cassandra tells Jaslene to worry about pleasing herself and God, and to be herself. She interviews that she knows that this is a competition, but that she thinks she can still be successful and be her normal nice, friendly, self. Amateur.

Soon enough, it is dark. Jael is putting red tinsel on her head and asking the other girls if it's a good look. They all laugh and agree that it suits her. Jael says that she knows she's a lot different from the other girls, but that this is a chance of a lifetime, so she just has to focus on being the best model she can be.

Tyra Mail! "We cut only one of you last night, but we'll cut a few of you tomorrow. Love, Tyra." That's right, bitches...makeovers! All the girls yell and jump up and down. Whitney says that they've all been waiting for this day, and that she's so excited. Jael tells Brittany that she hopes they make her blonde. Brittany says that they can do whatever they want to her and she won't be upset. I seem to have heard those words before -- every season from the girl who eventually freaks out, in fact! Oh, Top Model, you really do fit like an old, well-worn stiletto. And you smell like one, too!

Early the next morning, the girls go to the John Sessions Salon, where they meet Jay Manuel and a stylist named Neeko. Neeko has worked with Tyra since she was seventeen years old. Jesus, who hasn't? Speaking of Tyra, she comes out wearing striped pajamas with her weave in huge curlers. She pretends she doesn't know what's going on. Jay says that it's makeover time, and Tyra says that she thought they weren't even going to do that this season, because of the way the girls always whine and cry and complain. I would think that meant that they were going to do it twice a season. We relive the past glories of Giselle, Catie, Ann, Brandy (yay!), Cassandra, Jade, and Jaeda. Tyra asks the girls if they want the makeovers. The girls scream yes, and Tyra tells them to tell her that they need them. She hasn't gotten any in a long time, has she? They do, and it's makeover time.

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