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Concrete and Barbed Wire

Next up is Victoria. When asked how she did on the castings, Victoria rambles on about how professional she was and did so well before admitting that she didn't book any of the go-sees. The panel laughs. Victoria does not laugh. To make things worse, Kelly says that her photo is "upsetting." If it were a still from a movie about a crazy southern kleptomaniac, Kelly would have dug it. But as a fashion shot, it does not work. Rob agrees that Victoria didn't nail it, but appreciates that she takes risks. And though I tend to just ignore the fan comments that run along the bottom of the screen during panel, I happened to pause on this gem by Franzrey: "Victoria looked like she saw a clown riding a bicycle with a ghost behind it." Janice Dickinson has so many online aliases! Tyra likes the fact that Victoria pushed, but says that her eyes lacked spark. She calls this underacting instead of really going for it, which makes me afraid to see what Victoria brings to the next shoot. As Bryanboy says that Victoria disappointed her fans, she interrupts to say that she wanted to get a good shot, but there was some personal stuff going on. To elaborate, she does not mention her own special crazy times, but instead says that she felt attacked, bullied and ostracized by some of the other girls. Kelly tells the others that picking on and bullying Victoria after knowing some of her issues -- like being home schooled -- is horrendous. Victoria should be feeling even more daggers in her back at this moment, because the other girls are most decidedly not feeling this true (and, I think, exaggerated) confession. She gets an 8 from Tyra, a 7 from Rob, and a 6 from her bodyguard Kelly.

Kiara is up next, and Kelly tells her that she looks way older in her face - as old as an old hag 34-year-old woman. The horrors! But Rob likes that Kiara demands a lot of attention in her photos. Bryanboy notes that social media still hates Kiara, even though he personally loves her. Kiara gets a 7 from Kelly and a 9 from Rob. Tyra says that she would have given Kiara a 9, but due to her photo's necklessness, she gets a 7. Then there's Brittany, who gets straight to the point by admitting that she booked no jobs. Kelly finds this odd, given that all the brands were very girly-girl. Well, it's not like the other models are exactly androgynous, either. Brittany's photo is so-so, and Rob says that even though he wants to like it, Brittany is starting to fall short every week. Kelly doesn't like the photo either, and says that for a supposed nudist the whole thing isn't very hot. Bryanboy claims that Brittany's fans have been carrying her through the competition, but Tyra says that she's had some amazing shots, and her body of work is better than this week's photo. Though this particular photo is a 5, Brittany's body of work brings it up to a 7. Is that how they're judging now? Kelly gives Brittany a 6, and Rob gives her a 5.

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