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Concrete and Barbed Wire

Then there's Nastasia, who has gone full chola and been arrested for beating on another girl. She's got little paw print tattoos on her boobs, which actually really suit her. Nastasia extends her legs to give herself some length, which Johnny is really happy about. And finally we have Kiara, with all of her previous arrest-induced trauma. Johnny tells us that she was holding back on set, as evidenced by her limp handling of her "Crack is Whack" arrest board. As Johnny tells her to let it go and scream and get it out, Kiara bursts into a loud, "Fuck you!" and finds her energy again. The other girls think that she's a little crazy, and Brittany wonders if the pictures will actually look good. She goes back to non-creaming poses after that, though, and Johnny thinks that they got some good photos after she let loose a little. And that's a wrap!

Back at the house, there is Tyra Mail of Doom. Someone will be eliminated. Kiara reminds us that the photo shoot was very emotional and difficult for her, and she's unsure as to how it translated to film. Meanwhile, Brittany tells Laura that she thinks Kristin and Kiara are at risk. She is VERY off on this point, even if she's being deluded because she wants to win the competition so badly.

With that, it's panel time! We enter into it with Rob and Tyra posing in a mug shot photo for crimes of passion," which is pretty hot. Less so is Tyra's very bright pink space-dress, which coupled with the bright pink panel background is designed to blow out our retinas so that we never fully know how whack the winners of this show truly are. There are prizes, there are judges. Determined to make himself even more tiresome, Bryanboy wears a hat with a veil. The girls are all wearing little booty shorts, and look great despite my general hatred of all things that are neither pants, a dress, or a skirt.

Kristin is first to be evaluated, and Kelly gives her credit because her photos have gone up a level. Rob agrees that this is the most high fashion photo of hers. Tyra says that she'd like to see Kristin working her body a little more, then calls it an excuse when Kristin tells her that it was a challenge to be shot from the waist up. H2T modeling is H2T modeling, even when you can't see it! Let this be a lesson to all of us! Kristin is still doing great in terms of social media, and gets 8s from Kelly and Rob and a 7 from Tyra. Nastasia is next, and Kelly isn't sure about her upturned eyes. Rob agrees that the eyes kill it, but Tyra likes the eyes and everything else. And though Bryanboy personally loves Nastasia's shot, the fans online aren't digging it. Nastasia gets 7s from Rob and Kelly and an 8 from Tyra.

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