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Concrete and Barbed Wire

We get a brief shot of Kristin and Brittany at Whitney Port, and Laura and Nastasia at Charlotte Ronson. This is where we get the "too big" comment about Laura, and Charlotte Ronson complains fussily about two bowls of porridge brought to her by her assistant. Kiara walks for Lulu Guinness, who says that she obviously has a flair for fashion. Victoria tries to impress Lulu with tales of her British grandmother, but loses her when she admits that she's from Georgia. Meanwhile, Cecilia tells us that she would not book Kristin because her walk was too serious. And judging from the small amount of time we've spent with her, Cecilia is a barrel o' laughs!

With just over 40 minutes to go, Kiara and Victoria make it back to Smashbox Studios. Brittany bites it on the street en route to Lulu Guinness, but manages not to let her bloody knees ruin her go-see. Lulu tells us that Brittany is someone she'd seriously consider, and adds that even though she's pretty Kristin isn't quite right for her line. Laura and Nastasia walk for Whitney Port, and Whitney loves Laura. She also thinks that Nastasia is great, though a bit small for her taste. I think she means skinny-small rather than short-small. With about 25 minutes left to go, Brittany and Kristin make it back to Smashbox. Laura and Nastasia, however, still haven't hit Guess. Guess is the designer that Laura really wanted to go to, and she starts pouting and getting teary. Well, if you wanted to go there so bad, why didn't you hit it first like everyone else? God. I'm sure she's so small-town that she just got dizzy when faced with all those sparkling traffic lights! Nastasia is inwardly annoyed, but outwardly quite patient. They get to Guess with about 14 minutes to go, and Laura gushes and gushes about being there. The Guess ladies think that she looks great in jeans, and the timer tells us that Laura and Nastasia make it back to Smashbox with only two seconds to spare. I highly doubt that this was the case, and am also a little sad that Laura didn't get disqualified and have a meltdown. Will someone please call her self-centered again she we can revel in her freakout?

With everyone back at Smashbox, Kelly reminds the girls that the designers each could only pick one model to book, and adds that they scored each of the girls from 1 - 10 on their performance. The score that they'll get is the combined average from all of the designers. Markus tells Kristin that the designers thought she was absolutely beautiful, but a little uptight and stiff. The designers loved Brittany's energy, but thought that her modeling skills weren't as strong as they could be. Laura was widely noted to be very statuesque, but the designers thought that her walk was stiff. The designers loved how Nastasia photographed, but weren't as sold on her in-person appearance. They enjoyed Kiara's positive energy, but she has some work to do on her walk. And Victoria displayed good manners, but the designers who were looking for someone a bit more "girl next door," e.g. with a little flesh on their bodies, didn't feel that she fit their brands. We then learned who booked which gigs: Cecilia Cassini booked Kiara, Lulu Guinness picked Nastasia, Charlotte Ronson booked Kristin, and Whitney Port booked Laura, as did Guess. With two bookings, Laura is the challenge winner. She sheds a few tears of happiness and artificial humility. Meanwhile, Brittany cries as she expresses shock and dismay that she had zero bookings. She tells us that she doesn't know what she did wrong. You didn't kiss the prince hard enough! Go try on a slipper or whistle while you work or something!

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