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The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude

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The Girl Who Causes As Much Sorrow Dead
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Previously: Jael learned the tragic news of a friend's death, and was pretty shaken up. The girls got all naked-like for a candy-covered photo shoot, and Cassandra failed to impress and was sent home. Ten girls remain! Who will be eliminated tonight? Sadly, the answer is not Renee.

We begin with Diana painting her toes as she says that she doesn't want to be in the bottom two ever again. Whitney says that the judges told her she isn't a model. She interviews that she left a very good school -- Dartmouth, to be specific -- to be on the show. She's not on financial aid, and so is $9,000 in the hole to her father. Wow, Whitney's parents must have some cash if they can send her to Dartmouth and pay full tuition. In any case, she's all about being $9,000 worth of proof that she's a model.

Tyra Mail! "Strike a pose as if there's nothing to it. Love, Tyra." I love how they put the "as if" to try to make us believe that there actually is something to it. Felicia calls Jael her "little grasshopper," and the two go off together on the patio. Felicia tells us that Jael is upset about her friend passing away, and so Felicia thought that she would teach Jael a dance to take her mind off things. You know what I don't do enough of? Dancing away my troubles. I'm serious about that. Jael does not appear to be a very good dancer. Nevertheless, she interviews that she doesn't feel alone going through her trials, and that she's grateful to have friends in the house.

Meanwhile, as Jael and Felicia are bonding, Renee is off by herself on another side of the patio. She tells us that a lot of the girls in the house don't understand her, and "are just looking for ways to be offended by" her. Well, they don't have to look very far. And sometimes it's hard to understand why someone would be such a rancid bitch all the time. Renee doesn't know why this is happening, and thinks that the girls just don't like her. Well, with good reason. I mean, I have watched every cycle of this show, and there are few people who have been harder to like than Renee. And not even in a fun way!

The dawn breaks. We are met by Renee in the confessional. She says that this is a new morning for her, and that she reflected on how she's been getting into it with all the other girls in the house quite a bit. She wants to win the competition and knows that she can't do that with a bitchy attitude. So, she says, she's got to stop being mean. Oh, she's MEAN! Well why didn't she say that in the first place to give some context to why the other girls don't like her? Renee says that she's going to make a change, which will, she hopes, cause the other girls not to want to rearrange her face, like they've wanted to since Day 1. And I have to say, there are two things about Renee that I kind of like. One is that she knows she's a bitch. Two is that she's totally admitting that she's changing her attitude because it will make her look more favorable in the competition. Renee is not into changing her stripes for any reasons of personal growth, I'll tell you that much.

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