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Breaking Down Is Hard to Do
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Previously: action and beauty and being held aloft by giant fans, oh my! Everyone hated Melrose. Still. Anchal was annoying and somewhat hefty. Still. But this time even the judges thought so! And so she took her leave. Six bitches remain! Can you believe that? Where has the time gone?

Meanwhile, I have to give a giant shout-out to the multitalented genius Miss Dolly Parton, light of my life. I had the pleasure of seeing her in concert last week, and I have to say that I hope when I'm a certain age I'll be prancing around in four-inch platforms and playing the banjo. The white spandex leggings, I could take or leave. But in any case, this one's for the D-woman. You know she could rock a Secret commercial.

The girls ride in their giant limo. You know, I'll bet Dolly Parton wouldn't even want a limo that big. Or maybe she would, for all of her instruments. And her wigs. Eugena says that Anchal was naïve about the world, and Jaeda pipes up to say that she hasn't lived without her parents yet. Amanda interviews that Michelle was in the bottom two last week and that she was nervous because she thought she would go home. I actually kind of thought that, too. Michelle interviews that her sister knows that she's confused, and that she isn't sure that modeling is what she wants to do. However, she wants to do it for her sister. At this point, I think Amanda would be okay if Michelle had to bid them adieu.

Tyra Mail! "If you think that I act a fool, wait till you meet my girl." I am too afraid to even speculate. Jaeda and Eugena make cards with hearts on them. Jaeda says that she misses her boyfriend, and that that's been the hardest part of this whole experience. She's sick of living in Estrogen Palace. Melrose looks on and notes that it's been a long time since Jaeda and her boyfriend have been ravenous in one another's embrace. Eugena just looks at her like she's crazy, which is what I'd do, too. Melrose interviews that she doesn't hear what the other girls think of her, but that she definitely knows they think she's bitchy and speaks her mind too much. And also that she's annoying as fuck.

Meanwhile, down in the hot tub, Michelle, Amanda, and Caridee hang out. Caridee is wearing some sort of whack babushka. Michelle says that she wants it, but doesn't know how to make it her dream. One might suspect that they're talking about modeling. Caridee tells her not to force it, and that even if she's a model, it doesn't have to be her ultimate dream. Yeah, maybe, but I don't know if you want to tell that to Tyra Banks. Caridee interviews that, for the twins, the whole thing is just an experience, but for Caridee, it's a dream. She would hate to go home and have someone who doesn't want it as much to stay.

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