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With the girls entering their second week in Jamaica, they return home from panel to see Nastasia's best of week photo displayed as digital art. Kiara reminds us that she and Victoria were in the bottom two, and Victoria went home, largely because she was pretty crazy and hadn't eaten in nine weeks. Though it seems impossible, last week was actually Kiara's first time in the bottom two. I feel like she's been circling the drain forever! Kiara got scared straight, and now wants to show Tyra that she deserves to be America's Next Top Model. Kiara is so dedicated to this competition that she actually tells the other girls that if Tyra asked her to kill someone to win, she would do it. And I'm guessing that someone probably would be Kristin. Nastasia laughs, a little nervously. If I were one of Kiara's housemates, I would maybe hide the knives, just to be on the safe side.

And speaking of Kristin, she is getting very, very annoyed at living in a house of other girls who she does not even like. She's looking forward to winning the competition and getting the hell away from the rest of these clowns. Kristin likes nobody, and it would seem that would include even her supposed BFF Laura. She has the heart of the Grinch pre-transformation and triple-sized growth. Laura, meanwhile, is still grousing about the fact that Leila has reentered the competition. The rest of the girls have been dealing with the stress of challenges and living in the house together and keeping their scores up, while Leila has only had to worry about impressing the easily fooled "social media." The rest of the girls had to do so much more than Leila, Laura argues, and it's annoying. Everyone is annoyed about something, I guess. Leila says that in fact she's been working harder than the other girls while trying to get back in the competition, and she earned her damn spot. Thus, in her perspective, it's not unfair. Point/Counterpoint as brought to you by America's Next Top Model! Don't you feel intellectually fulfilled now?

The models head out to their challenge, which takes place at the beach at Half Moon Resort. Johnny is there and introduces designer and singer Cedella Marley. As you might have supposed by the combination of "Jamaica" and "Marley," Cedella is the daughter of reggae legend Bob Marley. She has a new swimwear line, and the girls are charged with rocking it while posing in the water. They'll also be facing two of Tyra's biggest fears: DOLPHINS. And seriously, who the french is afraid of dolphins? She probably has a phobia of rainbows and kittens, too. Of all the things that make Tyra Banks a jerk, this might be the biggest. Johnny tells the ladies that they should look high fashion, and not like they're on vacation and freaked out by dolphins. Who would be freaked out by dolphins? They smile constantly! The girl who can get the best poses while working with the dolphins gets a House of Marley prize package worth over $3,000 and a spa day with a friend. Or, a "friend."

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