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The judges then look at the photos from the Nine West shoot. Laura did a good job, and Kelly gives her props for remaining calm during World War Cycle 19. Rob tells Laura that her photo is a little on the sexy side, but there's not much she can do about that given her look. Bryanboy likes the photo, and at least one fan enjoyed it as well. Tyra notes that Laura was tooching with her feet, thus discovering a previously unknown species of tooch known as the "shoe-y tooch." I mean...she certainly is standing on her feet. Kiara is next, and Bryanboy says that even though he has supported her throughout the competition, he's disappointed in this shot. However, the fans seem to like it. I guess they've finally been won over. Rob thinks that the top half of Kiara's body looks good, but the bottom is not very flattering. Her pose is too relaxed for a mass ad, according to Tyra, and she needs an advertising pop. Also, her face is tilted back, giving her a "pea head" appearance. And, I would add, major nostrils. Kelly loves Leila's shot, and says it's the best of the day -- youthful, fresh, and fun. And she's the client, after all, kind of. Tyra says that if high fashion and commercial went on a date and got a little frisky, this photo would have popped out nine months later. And then we get a video from a fan named Camden, who is complimenting Leila and also hitting on Rob. Rob totally loves being hit on by anyone -- real, ghostly, or via video. He also agrees that Leila's shot is the best, and tells her that if she works on her runway walk, she could really clean up as a model.

The judges deliberate. I have to admit I've actually missed the deliberation element a bit during this quantitative season. Everyone agrees that Kiara is the best walker, and Tyra pulls up the Dunn's Falls photo as evidence that she'd be great in a Smashbox ad. But then there is, like, literally every other photo of Kiara. She basically sucked for a lot of the season. However, her Dream Come True photo was soft and stunning, and Tyra thought it was amazing. Bryanboy loves Kiara's look and thinks that she's inspirational. Then there's Leila. Kelly things that she's an amazing model, looks great, can't walk. Rob notes that if you're the girl who falls, you're the girl who falls on YouTube and never lives it down. Her photos were by and large great, though. She has an edgy look, including the tooth-gap, and that might get her in the door. Tyra says that Nylon loved Leila. Rob, however, says that Leila cleans up on the edgy stuff but really needs some personality. Laura is not super-skinny and has some ass, which Tyra enjoys. Rob likes that too, but says that the industry doesn't. Tyra claims that it's changing. Kelly likes Laura as a model, but notes that she's not an amazing catwalker. Tyra points out that Laura was a disappointment at the Dunn's Falls shoot, and Kelly notes that when Leila came back into the competition, Laura started to go downhill. Separate from that, though, Laura takes great photos. Kelly and Bryan debate over whether or not Laura looks like a porn star in her shot with Rob. I mean, she does have a certain undeniable porn sheen to her.

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