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The Gospel According To Elyse

Marie Claire doesn't trust Kesse's confidence, and Tyra doesn't trust Giselle's "wide ass." No, really. Elyse can't walk, according to someone, but Janice loves the skinny. Katie splits the jury, so does Nicole, Shannon does the same, and they shouldn't show this part because it doesn't provide any information. Baby Phat wants Adrianne out, because she's on the wrong side of history.

And back in they come. Nine of them left, eight pictures in Tyra's hand. At least two of the girls privately celebrate, "Well, then, no one gets eliminated!"

Congratulations, Shannon! You're still in the running to become America's Next Top Model. As is Nicole. And as are Giselle, Robin, Adrianne, Ebony, and Elyse. Tyra tells Elyse to take her clunky red coat off, and she lets it drop off her back and it flumps to the ground and it gets a big laugh from the panel that just bought her another week. No, you guys. She actually is that mad.

Will Kesse and Katie please come forward? Sure, they will. But only Kesse can get a photo, and Katie gives hugs to the rest of the girls and takes her non-teary farewell. "My goal is to get into Victoria's Secret," she tells us, predicting through her sadness that she'll succeed regardless. Her photo fades from the Model Mosaic, and Victoria's Secret is all, "Yeah, we'll see about that."

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