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Makeover, Makeover, Makeover: The Makeover Episode

Kesse, apparently, also has a hairweave. Janice adds a thought bubble to Kesse's photograph, and it is, "There's a freakin' snake on my shoulders and this is what's registered on my face." Heather's makeup is way too light and her eyes too blank, Tyra noting that she doesn't have "life in the eyes." Elyse didn't take it far enough with her makeup, which is a surprise to Jay because she won the makeup challenge, but they rally around her hottie picture. Shannon nails the insanity of the Tyra picture and nailed the photograph, Giselle does a makeup job that Tyra just flat-out doesn't like, and Robin hits a makeup job that's "perfect." Jay, however, complains about her diva attitude, and Janice gives the international sign for "tsk-tsk" with her two index fingers. Tyra shares the scars that she's been through "hair hell," and Janice starts to play an enormously not-drawn-to-scale violin in a bit of banter I want an entire bonus DVD to feature when this show is finally packaged and sold in its proper medium. Ebony didn't go far enough with the makeup either, and Jay gets his digs in, finally: "I'm actually surprised, after you were bragging about being a makeup artist, and then every test I gave you, you failed." Janice sees "nothing vaguely similar to this makeup whatsoever." Tyra worries after the amount of retouching in Ebony's photo, because she secretly isn't pretty.

And back in they come. Tyra speeches that she has seven photos for eight women, and Shannon will get one of those photos. As will Kesse. And Elyse, Giselle, and Adrianne. Tyra tells Adrianne that she commends her for turning up at Last Judgment Day, but that she has to know how far is too far in pushing herself. Tyra tells Robin that they'll allow one tantrum and no more. Will Ebony and Nicole step forward? They will, indeed. Tyra tells Nicole that her body is beautiful but that she needs to work on her facial expressions, whereas the texture of Ebony's skin "needs a lot of work." And she'll get that work, because she's got the photo and Nicole's got the boot. Nicole hugs all the girls and tells us that she doesn't have any regrets because now she can be with her boyfriend. Ride on, asshole.

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