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Shut Up, Amanda

Back at the house, some of the girls sit down for dinner. Cassie, in her "Cassie" wifebeater and underwear, confronts them and says that her "past problems with eating" are not currently an issue. Yaya can see why Cassie would be hurt having everyone talk about her. Cassie doesn't consider herself bulimic, because she doesn't throw up after everything she eats. Oh, Cassie. She also says that the girls can come to her with questions, but that she doesn't want people talking behind her back. She can't even remember the last time she threw up. Um, except that it was this morning. She tells the girls that she is not bulimic, but that she has an obsession with her weight. Cassie has grown up dreaming of being a model, and plus-size modeling (shot of Toccara) is not for her. Ann says that it doesn't matter how many times you throw up -- "if you do it once, if you do it five times" -- you still have an eating disorder. Thanks, Dr. Ann, for that clinical diagnosis. And also, little people have to work two, or sometimes triple as hard as everybody else. You know, this is making me depressed. Why is retinitis pigmentosa so much funnier than bulimia?

Eva is still pissed. She doesn't trust anybody. Eva says that Amanda is intimidated by Cassie's beauty and wants to have the upper hand and to get Cassie out of the running. Amanda is on the phone with her mother, and talking in her freaking baby voice again. "Tell me I'm a good person...I did something wrong and I shouldn't have...I just told something a girl told me in confidence...I feel so bad." Amanda's mom says, "Just try to stay out of all that crapola," which is totally exactlywhat my mom would say to me in that situation. Amanda interviews that it wasn't her place to bring Cassie's secret out into the open, and now everyone thinks she's an evil backstabber. If the stiletto fits...

Tyra mail! Elimination tomorrow. Toccara and Nicole are psyched to get some competition out of the way. Eva says that you can't have an eating disorder and win this show, and that if it gets back to Tyra, Cassie will be eliminated. Suspense!

So, not that anyone asked, but here's my take on the whole thing. Cassie obviously has some problems, and appears to be crying out for help a bit. So what does she do? She confides in the self-proclaimed caretaker of the house. I can understand if Amanda feels that remaining silent about this will create an unhealthy or even dangerous situation for Cassie. But you know what? If that's the case, talk to Cassie, or talk to the show's staff, or even confide in one trustworthy friend to help you figure out what to do. It's not a bad thing to try to actually help Cassie. However, Amanda did not try to help Cassie. Whatever her motives were -- and I'm not sure that they were entirely nefarious, I just think that she's a jerk -- she gossiped without hesitation, and without consideration of the fact that this would make Cassie more secretive and defensive about her problem. Because Amanda sucks. But Cassie still needs an intervention, and you can be sure that it's coming in another week or two. And seriously, all I want to do is hear Janice snipe. When did this show stop being fun?

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