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Shut Up, Amanda

The winners tell Anand that Julie is also Indian. She is? Funny that's never been mentioned. Julie does an impression of her mother that is really funny. "Why are you dressed like that? Boobs and butts are showing this way and that way!" Awww, Julie. Julie interviews that she's setting a goal for Indians, who are usually engineers or doctors. You know, people who build things and help others. Now that doesn't sound like fun, does it? Well, if Cassie is a reliable source, neither is modeling. So I guess Indians are shit out of luck in the fun department. Julie gets down with some traditional (or at least costumed) Indian dancers. Yaya interviews that Julie cracks her up (Me too! Sigh) and that it's nice to see someone who's proud of her heritage. Kelle.

In the limo on the way home, Toccara says that she doesn't have oily skin like Yaya. Their interaction is very playful, but that still seems kind of mean. The girls get Tyra Mail, which tells them that they'll have "a close-up to see whose beauty is true" the following day. Yaya still has pimples, and her complexion makes others question her viability as a model. Amanda says that the girls, having seen her "boost of confidence," have started treating her "less like a safe person to be around and more like actual competition." She's totally like one of those people in high school who says she has no friends because the other girls are all jealous. Newsflash, Ray Charles. You're a jerk! That's why no one wants to hang out with you. Shots of Amanda brushing her new, long hair while admiring herself in the mirror. Ugh. She's the worst.

Photo shoot. Today, the girls are going to do beauty shots -- close-ups of their faces -- the most difficult kind of photo to do. Today's shot is about a clean face, so the girls are going to have to be makeup-free. Not even bronzer! Oh, the cruelty. Yaya is nervous, and says that she initially thought, "This test is a personal attack against Yaya." The girls will be "modeling" Nivea hand cream. Whatever, Nivea makes a good product.

Danilo works on Amanda and asks her how it feels to wake up with her new hair, and whether she's been possessed by its previous owner. If the owner was Joan Crawford, then yes. The Dowager Jay and photographer Troy Ward work with the girls. Ann is first, and is a bit tight in the jaw. Toccara should be conjuring up Iman. Nicole throws in some interesting hand movements which, in her own words, are like, "I'm in the middle of sex...playing with the hair and grabbing your neck." Methinks Nicole is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Eva should be thinking of beautiful moments. Danilo tells "Kristi" not to try to look like the Mona Lisa, because it doesn't sell products. "Kristi" should have a talk with Nicole about what sells products. The photographer says that "Kristi" "was the most limited of all the girls as far as the looks." Ha! He said "Kristi" is fug.

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