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Shut Up, Amanda

The judges love Nicole's new color, and her photo is great. Toccara looks great, and has "skin as fine as honey." The judges are impressed by Norelle's teeth, and once again she did a great job on her makeup. Danilo says, "It looks like you've got every hand in the photo." I mean, she has two hands in the that would be all the hands she has, right? Danilo talks in a strange, tranquilized way. He's freaking me out. Norelle's untouched photo is fug. Janice yells "Help!" and says with disgust, "I need blinders." She actually shields her face with her hand so she does not have to look at the photo. Man, Janice is on fire tonight.

Ann once again does not live up to expectations. The judges criticize Julie's outfit, which is totally cute, and do not like her photo at all. And then, Janice asks Julie why she wants to be a model. Julie says that she wants to get into the industry and learn about it so that she can open her own apparel manufacturing company. She has never had "model confidence." Oh, Julie. Janice pounces on this and positively spits out, in a way that is kind of reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the West, "Ahhh, you didn't want to be a model, you want to be a manufacturer." The judges are not impressed.

Yaya's picture looks great, and she achieves softness. She needs to work on her skin. Nigel tells her to drink a lot of water. Janice is totally shielding her face again. The judges love Kelle's new look. But Nolé says that she looks bland in her photo, and Nigel says that she looks like a deer in headlights. And then, they take a look at Kelle's un-retouched photo. And this section I watched about sixteen extra times for my own pleasure. Janice says, "It's like a Hitchcock film" and then asks the tech guy to go back and forth between the shots really fast. Janice adds the sound effects of "eeh ooh, eeh ooh, hahh hooh, hahh hohh," and then cackles. Seriously, that was the greatest. I want my doorbell to do that. Tyra asks Kelle what she thinks, and Kelle says that she's always been told that she has beautiful skin, and that she knows there were times when her eyes were very intense. Tyra jumps all over this, and tells Kelle to accept responsibility and not blame the photographer. Kelle says she's not blaming the photographer, and Tyra says rather sharply, "YES YOU ARE." Tyra seriously hates Kelle.

The judges deliberate. Janice is digging Eva, and, in the words of Danilo, "Danilo thinks she's beautiful." Oh, Danilo. Jennipher is striking, but her photos suck. Ann is meh. Yaya is good. Nigel doesn't get Norelle, and Janice thinks she looks like a parakeet. When shown a photo of "Kristi," Janice says, "Oh my God, help!" Julie's photograph is poor, and she totally blew it with the manufacturing crap. Tyra says that she was extremely turned off that Julie said she was using the modeling world to get somewhere else. Huh. I'm suddenly getting the urge to shake [ma] body, body. Amanda is flawless. Toccara looks great, but Janice hates fatties. Cassie is pretty, but not fantastic. Nicole is an up and comer. Kelle's photograph stinks, and Tyra thinks she blames other people for her own lack of intensity. Nigel says that he hates it when people say how beautiful they are, and that in fact they should wait for a panel of judges to tell them. At this, Janice gives a funny little laugh, and I have a feeling that, had the shot not been cut right there, we would have seen her pull out a giant Ziploc bag containing her old face, and then do a bit of the old "You're so pretty, Janice!" "No, Janice, you are!" routine. Janice says that she's feeling Toccara over Kelle, which, let me tell you, bodes poorly for Kelle.

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