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The judges deliberate. Paulina says that Sheena has gorgeous legs, but doesn't have the makings of a model. Nigel adds that Sheena has really gone downhill for him. Tyra, however, likes the fact that Sheena didn't look like such a hooch at panel. Paulina is happy to see McKey's potential coming out more and more. Mike says that the shot turned out great, but it was like pulling teeth. Paulina says that at the beginning she didn't think Analeigh had the makings of a model, but for the second week in a row she's being proven wrong. Nigel agrees that Analeigh is doing a great job, and says that her photo is far from amateur. Nigel really likes Samantha's picture, even though it's not really conveying what it's supposed to. Tyra wonders if Nigel really likes is the photography. Paulina agrees that Mike did a great job, but Sam was mediocre. Joslyn looks the most beautiful she's looked so far, says Nigel, and agrees that her profile is stunning. Miss J. talks about himself for a minute, for no reason at all. Marjorie was Mike's favorite for the day. Tyra j'adores how Marjorie is making un pee-pee. Elina has an exquisite face, but she did not do a good job in her photo. She needs to let go of the control without feeling like she's humiliating herself. Nigel is not sold by the picture, and Tyra says that human moments are the most beautiful of all. Lauren Brie has a strong face that photographs well. However, her photo this week sucks. Nigel wonders if doing so well early on was a detriment, and now she's just coasting. Mike says that Lauren Brie is pretty in person, but was as stiff as a mannequin. And with that, the judges have reached their decision.

The girls return. There are eight girls, and seven photos. And the first name that Tyra is going to call is...Marjorie. Marjorie is awkwardly thrilled. Marjorie's girlfriend Hannah is called next, followed by McKey, Samantha, Elina, and Joslyn. This leaves Sheena and Lauren Brie in the bottom two. Tyra tells them that they're polar opposites. Lauren Brie is gorgeous, interesting, odd, alienesque and high fashion. She has the type of face that doesn't come along all that often in the fashion industry. But what she's lacking is personality. Sheena, on the other hand, has personality to spare. She shines and inspires people. She's pretty, but not necessarily modelesque, and maybe too sexy for some of the judges. And you all have been watching this show for a long time, and know that personality always trumps model looks. Sheena gets the photo. Tyra tells her to find the balance between going too crazy and being flat. Lauren Brie hugs Tyra, and Tyra asks her why she thinks she's going home. Lauren Brie says it's because the judges can't see her personality. Lauren Brie thinks this is unfortunate for the judges because she is, in fact, a great person and has tons of friends. Tyra explains that being in the public eye is about more than relating to your equally boring friends. Lauren Brie can't wait to get the fuck out of the room. In her exit interview she says that it sucks when someone takes a shot at your personality. She once again emphasizes that her friends at home know she's a great person with a fun, great personality. She's just not as outgoing as some of her fellow contestants. Lauren Brie admits that maybe the drive isn't there anymore. The competition is stressful, and she kind of gave up. For her own sake, I'm really glad she didn't admit that to Tyra.

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