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When we return, Jay asks Elina to let go. He would hate for the judges to say that Elina is beautiful and takes great pictures but is consistently controlled. Well, they've been saying it from day one so deal. Therapist Jay tells Elina that everyone has insecurities, and at the base level it usually comes down to, "Are we good enough?" Wow, what a different take on the concept. Elina interviews that she hates showing insecurities, and hates crying in front of people. Elina begins posing, and Jay tells her that he wants to see her look like she thinks she's not good enough. He asks where she feels she's not good enough. As Mike shoots, Elina says that she doesn't trust herself. Jay asks, "In whose eyes are you afraid of disappointing? Yourself or someone else?" That's the kind of suspect command of the language that leads you to become the Republican nominee for vice president. J. / Jay in 2012! We cut to a teary Elina interviewing that she's tired of not letting it out. She knows this is something she has to get through to be successful. Jay tells Elina that she looks the best she has in the whole competition. She's learned to let go, which she says is the most important thing. I'm sure when she gets home her mom is going to beat her with some wire hangers for this display.

Lauren Brie is next as the starlet who trips en route to getting her award. Make that tripping in a way that also looks like she's surfing. Lauren Brie tells us that things are getting more difficult as the concepts of the shoots are getting harder to grasp. Mike tells Lauren Brie that she looks forced and like she's posing, and he wants it to appear more natural. Jay tells us that Lauren Brie looked beautiful, but also like a mannequin falling down, minus an errant hand flying off. McKey is next as the actress who thinks she's going to get the award but doesn't. She gets to pose with a hot male model, and seems to do okay. Sheena is up as a star whose dress is stepped on by a starlet, played by Marjorie. Sheena takes great enjoyment in squeezing Marjorie's padded boobs. Sheena knows that if she wore padding it would be over. Jay asks Sheena to bring her signature cultural dance to the shoot, but instead she just glares at Marjorie. Jay says that she reeled it in way too much, and it was neither pretty or believable.

We then have Joslyn as the starlet who discovers that another starlet, played by Lauren Brie, is wearing the same gown. She wants to work with her profile more, and Jay suggests that she gives a three-quarter profile. Her posing instantly becomes more fashion-y. Next is Analeigh, as the interviewer with attitude. She's a bit stressed out because she still hasn't figured out her signature pose. However, she's realized that she needs to stop doubting her abilities. If she brings it and commits, she says, she can do it. Analeigh starts off too sweet, but eventually gets to the point where Michael tells her that she does bitchy really well. Analeigh tells us that she's improving, and is encouraged by her good performance on the shoot. And that's a wrap!

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