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The Elyse Interview

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The Elyse Interview
Gustave: So you like Elimidate? Elyse: Oh yeah! Do you like the ones where the girls compete against each other for the guy, or the ones where the guys compete for the girls? I'm not sure. They both can be great in their own way. I just like Elimidate more than Blind Date or Fifth Wheel because there's no sassy host wasting our time. The story just tells itself. And I've always wanted to meet the person who writes the captions. They're so subtle but so mean! So are you going to medical school this year or next year? Next year. I deferred. I did actually get in -- contrary to what some of you were saying on the boards. What were your expectations about going on a reality show? My expectations were so cynical. I wasn't even sure it was going to air -- let alone be popular. In the contract I had to sign, there's all this stuff about "even if the show doesn't air…" Everything was qualified with "whether the show airs or not…" The winner doesn't get the prize if the show doesn't air, et cetera. The whole thing was just so questionable from the outset. What the deal with the big fight over shopping versus a visit to Jim Morrison's grave? Were you told you all had to stick together? We didn't. The note we got said that we could split into two groups or that we could all go together. I wanted us all to go as one group because I wanted to go shopping too. It turned out that it probably wasn't a good idea because Robin and Shannon wanted to go to Louis Vuitton and stuff like that -- places where I would never shop. I wanted to go to the flea markets but even if I'd gotten my way and we'd all stuck together, that never would have happened. They went to Sephora and the Gap. So I was glad we all split up. So who do you keep in touch with from the show? Just Adrienne. And I've exchanged a few emails with Shannon. What was Shannon like? Shannon was pretty much what she was like on the show. She was really nice. Really loud. But she was also one of the leaders of the eating disorder camp. Giselle? Giselle could be really fun, but she talked in interviews about how she's not really insecure, but she is. She'd be like, "I'm so fat! I'm so ugly. What do you think about that?" It got really tiresome after a while. So it was worse than it seemed on the show? It was depicted accurately on the show. It wasn't like how she described it -- that she was really cocky and trying to tone it down. I thought that was an odd thing to say.

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