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The girls stand before Tyra, who has three photos in her hands. Those photos represent the girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. Allison is called first, and her photo is the best of the week. Teyona is called next. She's surprised, because she thought she was going to be in the bottom two, and starts crying from relief. This of course leaves Aminat and Celia in the bottom two. Two beautiful ladies, one photo. Tyra enjoyed shooting both of them, but the two girls have something in common -- strength from the neck down. Aminat is a pretty girl with a gorgeous face, but something doesn't work when the light hits her. And then there's Celia. She's also stunning, but the judges wonder if her face is too mature for the modeling industry. So who stays in this competition? Aminat. And, I mean, I guess it was Celia's time to go, but I seriously can't believe Aminat's still in it.

Tyra tells Celia how much she enjoyed working with her, and says that if she wants to be a fashion designer, editor or stylist, she has a great future. Notice she didn't mention "model" in Celia's list of career possibilities. Celia exit-interviews that she loves modeling, and that this whole competition has been so much fun. She's flattered that Tyra thought she was something special, and is proud that she was able to find inner strength to push this far. No matter what she does, she says, she'll be staying in fashion. She hopes it's modeling, but any facet of fashion would be fantastic. I personally think she should consider being on my new idea for a reality show: Old Bag House. It's like Bad Girls Club, but for the over-60 set, and will be hosted by the ghost of Bea Arthur. They put the sex in sexagenarian! In any case, au revoir, Celia, I think we would probably get along really well, and I covet your poufy mustard colored skirt.

Next week: Finale, suckers!

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