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Previously on ANTM: The girls had to film a spot for Cover Girl, and Alexandria's diva behavior rankled her teammates. Monique was having none of it, and everyone else agreed that, like the Snow and Heat Misers, Alexandria was too much. Hannah looked fierce while posing with a baby jaguar, while Dalya did not heed the call of the wild and was sent home. Eight bitches remain!

The girls walk into the house after elimination. There is no time to celebrate Hannah's best-of-week photo displayed as digital art, because Tyra is there! Hannah says this is a great surprise, since they haven't had much face-to-face time with Tyra except at panel. Such a hands-on mentor, that one. Everyone sits down as instructed with a pad of paper and pen. Molly is visibly upset, and Tyra asks how she's doing. Molly starts to cry. Her weave is pissing her off and she needs to eat and, I may add, she might very well be sick of the psychological torture this show inflicts. Anyway, she's having a meltdown. Tyra crosses her arms and says, "Over a weave and some food?" Well, when you put it that way. Molly says she has a rash on the back of her neck and her head wrap is too tight and she's having a bad day. She was also in the bottom two at panel, which can't be helping things. Kasia tells us that Molly complains too much, and should just be grateful to be in this whack situation and have the opportunity to be mocked by the collective Interwebs. Tyra tells Molly that weaves just do that, and it's part of the beauty-pain thing. She says, "We're going to suck it up, right?" like the preschool teacher that, by rights, she should be, and tells Molly that the weave will be removed.

With that, it's time for Tyra's session with the girls. She says that as different as they are, they all have an archetype and a certain section of the industry that they fit in. All of the archetypes -- even the fiercely real and "athletic" ones - can still be high fashion. Tyra has set up a series of photos of famous models, so that the girls can talk about the archetypes of each. Gisele is up first, and her archetype is "bombshell," which is the archetype in which you are featured in the Victoria's Secret catalogue. Coco Rocha is next, and she's the fresh-faced all-American girl next door. Agyness Deyn is edgy, as evidenced by all the superfluous letters in her name and the fact that she's sometimes a DJ. Then there's Sessilee Lopez, who is a super high-fashion couture model.

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