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Smile and Pose

The girls get outfitted in frilly lingerie. Angelea comments, "I was wearing this one-piece, like, tan lingerie, it was like, reow. You know, I was looking sexy. I was feeling myself." Indeed. Ann enters and upon seeing the scantily clad models gives the longest, "Hi ladieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" ever. She's so turned on right now, I can't even tell you. Ross is with her, and feels the opposite, but in a jovial way. Krista is first to pose in the window with Ross. Holy crap, is she skinny. Krista notes the challenge of finding the light, looking at Nigel a story down, and getting Ross to touch a woman for the first time. Raina pushes Ross down to the floor and climbs awkwardly atop him. I think Ross actually kind of likes it, even if he does yell out, "Whoa! Where's that hand going?" Anslee is up next, and tells us that she needs to win something to boost herself back up. She actually has a good sort of pin-up vibe about her, and Ross yells out, "I think we're gonna do it!" By "it" he means, "our taxes." Then there's Angelea. And really, I thank the lord for her every day. Angelea wants to put one leg up. By "up" she means, "awkwardly atop Ross's shoulder with my crotch flashing Fifth Avenue." Nigel refuses to take a photo of Angelea's crotch, but then does it anyway.

Next is Jessica the molester. Ross can sense her "kitten with a whip" vibe. Jessica isn't about to let Ross make her laugh, because she wants a good picture. Jessica knows something about looking sexy, and Nigel notes that she's taking control and doing a good job. Tatianna is next, and has Ross grab a necktie loosely wrapped around her neck as she wears his bowler hat. Nigel doesn't know what's going on, but eventually likes the shot where it looks like Tatianna's going down for the beej. Alexandra is next, and looks like she's taking Ross down in a round of high school wrestling. Not pretty.

Nigel and Ann, who says, "That was steamier than anything I've ever seen at Seventeeeeeen Magaziiiiiiiine," give the girls their evaluations. Some of Tatianna's shots really worked, but some were too extreme and felt contrived. Nigel was surprised with Jessica, who was a molester at the teach. Her go-getcha attitude worked in this situation. Anslee's biggest problem was that she held her head too high, and lost her face. However, she brought a certain demure calmness to the shoot. Alexandra has amazing curves, but Ann wanted to see her play against them. And the winner is...Angelea's crotch! Just kidding. It's Jessica. She's pretty psyched to get her expensive earrings. Anslee is surprised that she didn't win, because she felt a real connection with Ross. While a mutual love of Judy Garland is a connection of sorts, it's maybe not the one that will lead to winning a sexy times challenge. Alasia, because she had the best photo last week, also wins a special prize -- a $5,000 diamond encrusted ring. There is much excitement from her frilly green ass.

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